Lipo Abdomen in Los Angeles

5 Things to Know About Lipo Abdomen in Los Angeles

When it comes to common and popular body zones for getting liposuction, it would be fair to say that the abdomen is unrivaled at the top of the list. The desire for a flat stomach is something that is universal for both men and women, and this interest from both sexes is arguably the leading reason that lipo on the abdomen is so popular in Los Angeles and beyond. If you are considering it for yourself, then it is always sensible to be as knowledgeable as possible before making any big decisions. With this in mind, here are five things to know about lipo abdomen in Los Angeles.  

Not All Fat Is The Same

There are actually two types of fat in the human body, subcutaneous fat, and visceral fat. Subcutaneous is the pinchable tissue that is just underneath the skin, and visceral fat is the stuff inside the abdominal cavity that you might recognize as a ‘beer belly. Visceral fat is the most dangerous to have too much of, as it is stored next to all of your vital organs, but the facts are that liposuction can only remove subcutaneous fat. 

You Don’t Always Need General Anesthesia

Liposuction procedures are often performed by adding a numbing agent like lidocaine to the tumescent fluid that is used to enlarge the layers of skin above the areas that are going to be suctioned. You don’t need to be asleep for this, and this method is deemed very safe. 

Be Aware Of Loose Skin

As we get older, our bodies stop producing as much collagen, and this can lead to general sagging in all areas. It is important to be aware that removing fat at an older age might not see your skin springing back into shape soon. You might want a supplementary skin tightening procedure to achieve the full flat stomach look.

You Can Still Grow The Fat Back

Having liposuction on a specific area of your body doesn’t mean that it will never grow back in the same spot. This means that you will need to change your lifestyle habits in order to maintain your new shape. At the end of the day, lipo isn’t a weight loss solution, but rather a body tuning tool.

lipo abdomen in Los Angeles

You Can Only Get A Six Pack In The Gym!

If you are hoping that liposuction will magically reveal washboard abs underneath your fat, then you are sadly mistaken. The fat can certainly be removed, but you will still need to do the hard work in the gym in order to tone the muscles that are now closer to the surface.

So, if you are ready to start your own journey with lipo abdomen in Los Angeles, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team in place at the Venice Beach Surgical Center. Dr. Rojas and his talented professional surgery members are vastly experienced in all procedures, with a particular specialty in liposuction. We very much look forward to welcoming you to the practice to get the ball rolling on your own procedure.