Liposuction VASER in Los Angeles

9 Tips for a Smooth Recovery after Vaser Liposuction in Los Angeles

Thanks to all of the medical and scientific developments that have been made over the last couple of decades, it would be fair to say that recovery periods for even the most invasive forms of cosmetic surgery are now as short and stress-free as they have ever been. Something like liposuction, for example, would previously have required an extended period of time resting at home with plenty of potential side effects, but thanks to the innovation of VASER liposuction, this simply is not the landscape and prognosis anymore. With this in mind, here are nine tips for a smooth recovery after liposuction VASER in Los Angeles.

Follow The Surgeon’s Instructions

It is absolutely essential that you follow every instruction given to you by your surgeon. They are the people who perform these procedures every single day, which means that in this instance, they definitely know best!

Follow A Healthy Diet

You need to make sure that you drink lots of water to stay hydrated and help your skin, along with following a healthy diet that isn’t going to immediately start regrowing the fat cells that you have undergone the treatment to get rid of.

Wear Compression Garments

They might not be the most fashionable items, but it is important to wear compression garments in order to help your skin heal in a good position and reduce a lot of swelling.

Avoid Smoking And Alcohol

Indulging in cigarettes and alcoholic beverages is one of the worst things you can do for your recovery, so refrain from both until you have fully healed from the procedure. Or seize the moment to craft a plan to quit for good.

Monitor For Any Infections

Though rare, there is the risk of an infection developing in the area of the procedure. Keep an eye out for all the typical signs of infection like redness, discharge, fever, etc., and get in touch with your doctor ASAP if you discover anything.

Do Mild Exercise

Even if you want to lay in bed until you feel better, it is essential for you to be a little bit active to aid recovery. Getting out for a gentle walk can help to promote good blood circulation in the affected areas and the overall body.

Avoid The Gym

Wait about 4 to 5 weeks before you start going back to the gym to perform any of the more intensive exercise regimes.

Stock Up On Bedding

Buy things like extra mattress protectors to use to catch any unexpected leaks that might happen when you are recovering.

Liposuction VASER in Los Angeles

Be Patient!

And finally, all you need to do is remember to be patient! You have had an invasive surgical procedure, and you need to allow your body time to fully heal before sliding back into your normal life routine.

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