Armpit Fat

Armpit Fat and Back Fat: Can You Reduce it?

Armpit fat is not found in the armpit itself. Rather, it is parallel with the armpit on the side of the torso. These fat rolls develop on the side and back of the upper body. Your bra only seems to accentuate them. When you try on clothes, this unattractive fat layer sticks out above the bra line.

Swimwear becomes a challenge, as it directly exposes this layer of fat, which makes you self-conscious.

What is armpit fat and what causes it?

Armpit fat is a bulge or roll of excess adipose tissue. Adipose tissue is fat. It tends to accumulate over time and form a roll of fat around the armpit and upper torso. It can also form on the upper arm. The reason the fat tissue is there is due to a poor diet, lack of exercise, or both. The roll forms where it does because you wear a bra.

A bra restricts part of the skin around the torso. The fat can’t lie there, so it is forced to move. It either moves and makes a roll above the bra line, or it forms one below the bra line. You may develop multiple fat rolls. Some women have one above the bra line and another below it. This makes wearing certain bras very uncomfortable.

Women with larger breasts and heavy breast tissue may also be prone to developing armpit fat.

Armpit Fat

Will cosmetic surgery help?

Dr. Augusto Rojas recommends that you first try a regimen of exercises targeting the specific area. There is a chance that this may be successful in reducing the fat rolls, but it is unlikely to make them disappear completely. The muscles you tone during exercise and the fat you burn are going to slim your physique down. But a portion of that stubborn area of fat will remain.

This is where cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles can be beneficial. You may need to explore liposuction options, or a body lift procedure coupled with skin reduction.

Why won’t diet and exercise make the fat rolls disappear completely?

No amount of exercise can be directed solely to the fat around your armpits to burn it. Diet can reduce the amount of fat only to a certain degree. Watching your diet and exercise is vital. It is the precursor to a quick recovery from surgery. When it comes to diet, crash diets seldom work.  As soon as you stop following them, the weight piles back on. On some diets, you may also reach a plateau beyond which you find it hard to lose additional weight.

What to do when you’ve exhausted all your options

Dr. Augusto Rojas on his program on Radio Rojas suggests consulting a reputable plastic surgeon to explore your options in terms of surgery. A plastic surgeon will do an obligation-free consultation. In many instances, the plastic surgeon may recommend that the patient try to lose more weight before surgery is contemplated.