best liposuction surgeons in Los Angeles

What Qualifications Should the Best Liposuction Surgeons in Los Angeles Have?

When you decide to get liposuction done, you naturally want to make sure you get the best person for the job. Here at Venice Beach Surgical Center, we pride ourselves on having some of the best liposuction surgeons in Los Angeles. However, the right person for you might be different from the right person for…

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lipo in Los Angeles

What Can I Expect Before And After Liposuction In Los Angeles

When it comes to the popularity list of the various cosmetic and surgical procedures that are readily available to mainstream consumers in 2021, it would be fair to say that liposuction is right up there near the top of the pile. Liposuction can be a great, long lasting way to get rid of fat on…

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Botox in Los Angeles

What To Expect After A First Treatment Of Botox In Los Angeles

In the world of cosmetic beauty, it’s fair to say that Botox is something that is considered to be mainstream in 2021. What might have been reserved for only the rich and famous ten years ago is now readily available for anybody who wants to experiment with some temporary but effective anti-aging treatments. Botox is…

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liposuction vaser in Los Angeles

How Much Does Liposuction Vaser in Los Angeles Cost?

Because liposuction vaser in Los Angeles is considered elective cosmetic surgery, it’s almost never covered by insurance. While it might be the right choice for you, it’s something you’ll likely have to pay out of pocket for. Here at Venice Beach Surgical Center, we offer competitive prices and can help you determine your final cost…

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lipo abdomen Los Angeles

Lipo Abdomen vs Tummy Tuck: Which One is Better?

Tummy tuck and lipo abdomen Los Angeles are two of the most popular cosmetic procedures at Venice Beach Surgical Center. Most of our patients would ask our cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Augusto Rojas, about their main differences.   But one procedure is not better than the other. The reason for this is that one may be…

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lip augmentation in Los Angeles

Plumping Your Lips with Lip Augmentation: Is It Permanent?

Lip augmentation in Los Angeles is a go-to procedure for women who crave fuller-looking lips. But is it a permanent solution?   Shaping and Plumping Up Your Lips with Lip Augmentation in Los Angeles  There are different methods used to augment the shape of your lips. Lip fillers are some of them.  They involve a…

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breast augmentation Los Angeles

I am a Smoker — Can I Have Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation in Los Angeles is the easiest way to enhance your breast size. It also improves its appearance. However, not everyone can be an ideal candidate for this procedure.    Can Smokers Undergo Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles? Smoking cigarettes is bad for your health. You already know that. What you might not know…

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best liposuction doctors in Los Angeles

Is Liposuction the Ideal Method to Lose Weight?

The best liposuction doctors in Los Angeles can attest that this cosmetic procedure can help you lose some weight. However, they don’t consider it as an ideal weight loss procedure.  For that reason, before you consider undergoing liposuction, you must talk to a trusted liposuction doctor first.    Consult the Best Liposuction Doctors in Los…

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cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles

Is General Anesthesia Necessary During Liposuction?

General anesthesia is beneficial for some patients who wish to undergo liposuction to remove their extra belly fat. Whether or not it’s necessary for you will depend on the assessment of our cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles.    When you come to Venice Beach Surgical Center, you will talk to Dr. Augusto Rojas, our cosmetic surgeon…

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best liposuction surgeons in Los Angeles

Can You Achieve a Flat Stomach with Liposuction?

The best liposuction surgeons in Los Angeles recommend their patients with belly fat to undergo this cosmetic procedure. But one question their patients have in mind is this: “Will I get a flat stomach after?”    Visit the Best Liposuction Surgeons in Los Angeles  When you visit Venice Beach Surgical Center, you will find out…

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