Dr. Augusto Rojas

Non-Surgical Treatments Available from the Dr. Augusto Rojas Clinic in LA

It is easy to think that visiting a cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Augusto Rojas means that you have the intention of going ‘under the knife, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Sure, surgical procedures like facelifts and breast augmentations are among some of the more popular treatments that cosmetic surgeons perform on a…

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Botox in Los Angeles

Make Botox in Los Angeles a Part of Your Regular Beauty Routine

Take a second to think about the different steps and stages that make up your overall beauty routine. There are those small things that you do every single day like a skin regime, and then there are other things like working out and experimenting with makeup that might be more of a biweekly or few…

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Cosmetic Surgeon in Los Angeles

How a Cosmetic Surgeon in Los Angeles Combines Surgical and Non-Surgical Options

When it comes to beauty and cosmetic surgery, many people make the mistake of thinking that you have to be either 100% natural or jump right in at the deep end, but this just isn’t the case at all in the modern landscape of treatments. More and more these days, clients are visiting clinics to…

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Liposuction High Definition

Why More Men are Choosing Liposuction High Definition

It would be fair to say that for as long as cosmetic surgery has been in the wider public consciousness, it has been more associated with women than it has with men. Perhaps the beauty standards for women over the generations have been more pressing than those for men, but in the last decade or…

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Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles

Non-Surgical Options for Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles: Do They Work?

If you are someone who has been considering breast augmentation for a while, then it might be safe to assume that you have trawled the internet looking for, and researching, every type of method possible. We are all familiar with the classic cosmetic surgery that people refer to as a ‘boob job’, but did you…

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Best Liposuction Surgeons in Los Angeles

Venice Beach Surgery Has the Best Liposuction Surgeons in Los Angeles

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, there is absolutely no doubt that Los Angeles should be considered the best city in the world for all and any type of procedure! Interestingly, Venice Beach in particular is renowned for a specific type of surgery, and that is liposuction. If you want great liposuction, you should absolutely…

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