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Consult a Cosmetic Surgeon in Los Angeles to Know if HD Liposuction is Right for You

Americans spend billions of dollars to undergo plastic surgery procedures. And many of them undergo HD liposuction. When you consult our cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles, you will realize that this procedure isn’t only for the wealthy. 

Instead, liposuction is for everyone who wishes to look his/her best. 


cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles

Cosmetic Surgeon in Los Angeles to Bring a New Level to Liposuction 

There are many forms of liposuction. One of them is HD liposuction or commonly known as VASER. 

It’s a liposuction procedure that utilizes ultrasound. In that case, it takes the traditional liposuction to another level.

However, HD liposuction is similar to regular lipo. That is, it removes unwanted fat strategically from places in the body. 

The result is phenomenal as it can help in revealing the natural structure underneath the unwanted fat. 

When you undergo this procedure, our cosmetic surgeon will use a certain machine that liquifies fat cells before they are removed from your body. 

To further break down the fats, Dr. Rojas applies tumescent fluid. 

Once the fat is broken down, Dr. Rojas will suction the liquified fats to remove them from your body. 

Sedation is necessary for this procedure, even though it’s a minimally invasive domestic procedure. 

This procedure applies to any body part. In that case, you can undergo such a procedure if you wish to remove unwanted fat from your shoulders, buttocks, inner thighs, and chest, among others. 

VASER may also be used as a sculpting method, depending on the desired result you wish. 

For instance, if you have unwanted fat in your back, Dr. Rojas can remove it and transfer it to your buttock. This re-injection of fat into other parts of the body can provide you with the best possible contours. 

However, this procedure isn’t for everyone. 

If you are healthy but you still struggle to get rid of those layers of fat, then HD liposuction is an ideal option. 


Who Can Be a Good Candidate for HD Liposuction? 

You can be an ideal candidate for it if you are already in good shape. It means that you are not obese. 

This procedure may also be fitting for you if you have a solid underlying muscle. 

In other words, if you are fit but you want to achieve a more shredded look, then HD liposuction can be the answer. 

On the other hand, you might have extra fat but you still want to get a different look without having to resort to extreme measures. 

If that’s your case, then HD liposuction is a better answer. 

However, many factors can affect the result. 

For one, you need to have good skin elasticity. In that way, you won’t have to deal with sagging skin after the procedure. 


Consult Dr. Rojas First 

You need to be properly evaluated first before you can go in for HD liposuction. 

As mentioned, it’s not for everyone. Our cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles will assess your body type and design a plan that will help you achieve the body shape that you want. Call us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rojas: (310)-391-7143