Cosmetic Surgeon in Los Angeles on Liposuction Scars: Will They Go Away?

It’s not common to sustain significant scarring after liposuction. That is if the procedure is performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon in Los AngelesAn experienced plastic surgeon knows what to do to minimize scarring after liposuction. Indeed, the procedure involves making incisions. But they are made as small as possible. If you choose to undergo this procedure at Venice Beach Surgical Center, Dr. Augusto Rojas will make incisions in the least noticeable areas. 


Can a Cosmetic Surgeon in Los Angeles Prevent Keloid Scars? 

It’s one of the many concerns of patients who wish to undergo this procedure. Unfortunately, though, some patients are genetically predisposed to develop keloid scars. In that case, if you have a history of keloid scars, then you must tell Dr. Augusto about it. Some things can be done to minimize keloid scar development. Now, if you did develop scarring, there are ways to minimize its appearance. 

For instance, you may use silicone gel. It’s a popular at-home treatment that may help in reducing the appearance of scars. But it’s not a definite treatment. What this silicone gel does is hydrate the skin to prevent the body from destroying extra collagen cells while the skin is healing. By overcompensating these cells, it causes raised scars. 

Another way to remove scarring after liposuction is through chemical peels. It involves the removal of layers of scar tissue from the skin. It’s a simple treatment that doesn’t need additional recovery time. However, it may cause redness. Laser therapy may also be considered. It’s recommended when you start to develop keloid scars after liposuction. This procedure uses a laser to heat the scar tissue and stimulate healthy cell growth in the affected area. It’s also a simple procedure and it won’t take long for you to recover. However, it may need several sessions. Furthermore, desired results are only noticeable after a few months. 


What Other Skin Issues That May Arise After Liposuction? 

After liposuction, your skin will look good. Scarring can be avoided by opting to undergo this procedure in a reputable cosmetic office, like Venice Beach Surgical Center. But scarring isn’t the only issue you will face after this procedure. Your skin’s elasticity can affect the overall result of liposuction. 

If you have good skin elasticity, the skin will look smooth after liposuction. That’s why younger individuals will get a better result than older people when it comes to skin appearance. With poor skin elasticity, you may see some degree of skin wrinkling. It’s the same as the one you see after losing the same amount of fat after dieting. Then again, the cosmetic benefits of this procedure outweigh noticeable skin wrinkling. 

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How About Hyperpigmentation? 

Hyperpigmentation may also occur. But it’s rare. And it can only happen if you choose an incompetent cosmetic surgeon. That’s why if you wish to receive impressive results without the ugly scars after liposuction, you should only choose a skilled cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles. Dr. Augusto Rojas has been practicing cosmetic surgery for over two decades now. 

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