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Cosmetic Surgeon in Los Angeles Provides Better Tummy Tuck Results

The tummy tuck is one popular procedure that our cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles can suggest to get rid of fats that are resistant to exercise and diet. If everything goes well, it can bring back your confidence so you can feel comfortable again wearing tight-fitting clothes. But tummy tuck is just one of the procedures offered at Venice Beach Surgical Center that can eliminate excess belly fat. Unfortunately, not all tummy tuck procedures can offer the results that you want. Below are some of our tips to help you get better tummy tuck results 

Choose the Right Cosmetic Surgeon in Los Angeles 

It’s the first thing you consider. That’s because no matter how effective tummy tuck is if it’s performed by an inexperienced surgeon, your results will be a disaster. Hence, before you even consider it, you must find the right surgeon first. In LA, many Angelinos go to Dr. Augusto Rojas’s office to undergo this procedure. He’s not just a board-certified cosmetic surgeon but he has been performing this procedure for over 20 years. He approaches cosmetic surgery as if he’s sculpting and shaping a stone to perfection to obtain long-lasting, beautiful results. However, before he can recommend you undergo a tummy tuck, he’ll first assess your condition to determine whether or not you’re a good candidate. One thing he may recommend is to lose weight. Remember that tummy tuck isn’t a weight loss procedure. Rather, it’s a procedure that gets rid of excess belly fat and sculpts your skin. If you choose to undergo tummy tuck before losing weight, it’ll affect the results. Hence, it’s pertinent that you get to a healthy weight first so Dr. Rojas can remove the excess fat and skin. Talk to our cosmetic surgeon if you need to lose more weight before undergoing this procedure. If you need to lose more weight, he’ll give you advice on how to get to a stable weight. 

Combine Liposuction 

In some cases, combining liposuction and tummy tuck can offer better, more desirable results. Keep in mind that a tummy tuck can address excess skin after losing weight. But it’s not the most ideal solution to get rid of stubborn belly fat. That’s why Dr. Rojas may recommend getting rid of those fat pockets first through liposuction. These procedures can often provide the best results that you seek. At Venice Beach Surgical Center, Dr. Rojas offers both liposuction and tummy tuck as part of his mission to give his patients that sculpted body that they desire. 

Eat the Right Food 

Although tummy tuck will help in removing excess fats and skin from your abdomen, it won’t make your midsection resistant to fats. It means that that part of your body will still accumulate fats if you continue eating fattening. That said, after surgery, our cosmetic surgeon recommends eating right to maintain the results. 

Incredible Results 

Start getting the body that you want by getting a tummy tuck and combine it with liposuction. Consult our cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles to know what kind of procedure you need to achieve the body that you’ve been dreaming of: (323)-310-3880.