Best Lipo of the Abdomen in Los Angeles

What to Expect from the Best Lipo of the Abdomen in Los Angeles

You may have thought about having liposuction in the past to help you remove fat from your body, but you have always been leery and cautious about the procedure. Conventional liposuction, while highly effective for many people, does have its downsides. The recovery time from liposuction could be lengthy and painful and leave you sore and bruised for weeks. Conventional liposuction also could not help certain areas of the body much, leaving you with trouble spots that you could never get rid of. Today, however, things are different. You can expect much more from the best lipo of the abdomen in Los Angeles when you come to see us at the Venice Beach Surgical Center.

Best Lipo of the Abdomen in Los Angeles

Using Lipo HD Instead

Instead of traditional liposuction procedures, here at Venice Beach Surgical Center, we offer liposuction HD, using VASER technology to give patients the best results possible. The liposuction we provide gives much better results than what liposuction could do in the past. The technology and procedure allow for body sculpting that was never possible before so that our surgeon can give your body the contours and definition that you have longed for. With this new technology you will be able to achieve your dream of having a more defined and sculpted body without the hassles of the traditional procedures.

Recovery is Better with the Best Lipo of the Abdomen in Los Angeles

The lipo of the abdomen in Los Angeles we provide at Venice Beach Surgical Center makes your recovery much better as well. Because of the VASER technology, which uses ultrasound, there are no broken blood vessels or damaged nerves during the procedure, leaving you smoother skin afterward. This means you will not suffer from the severe bruising and soreness typical after liposuction, making recovery more tolerable for patients.

The Abdomen You Want is Possible

You can finally have the sculpted look you want for your body thanks to the best liposuction of the abdomen in Los Angeles available here at the Venice Beach Surgical Center. Read about our procedure here on our website so you can see what it entails, and then phone us at (310) 391-7143 to arrange for a meeting with Dr. Augusto Rojas, our cosmetic surgeon so you can talk about the possibilities the liposuction HD may hold for you. We are here to answer all your questions and explain you better what the options are for you.