Unfortunately not, Dr. Rojas prefers to see the patient in person, discuss important things about health , expectations , answer questions and know exactly how’s the person health , habits are. It’s always recommended to have an in person consultation. It’s FREE!

Depends on the patient , each person heals very different . Normally someone sees final results after 90 days following all the recommendations.

Yes yes yes , very important at least for 3 months after surgery, everyday and as much as you can.

Yes very important to get massages , at least 5 after surgery , the day after surgery and 1/2 a week the weeks after surgery. Help to relieve water, blood, and fibrosis.

Nope, just wait at least 8 months to get a surgical procedure especially on the belly or breast area.

Definitely fat transfer is the best and more safe option.

Not older than 55 yr old and in perfect health.

After 4 weeks yes very moderate . Each person is different.

Both are great with great results . Normally silicone looks more natural but saline can give you great results too.

Hyaluronic Acid filler is the more safe and give you the best results. Please NEVER silicone or any other element you don’t know.