Vaser liposuction in Los Angeles

Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat With Vaser In Los Angeles

One of the most common surgical treatments demanded by patients in LA is Liposuction. They may want to get rid of excess fat built up over a lifetime of office work, or they might want to get rid of a few inches of fat over muscular stomachs. Sometimes, patients come to the Venice Beach Surgical Center curious about liposuction, but nervous that it might be painful, resulting in scarring or internal damage. If you have concerns about this type of procedure, then you may want to talk to us about our radical use of liposuction Vaser in Los Angeles. Our team can help you to improve your appearance with the use of a really innovative liposuction technique.

Vaser liposuction in Los Angeles

How Does This Work?

In the past, traditional liposuction involved the use of quite a large tube, which was inserted into the body and used to remove excess fat cells through suction. The tube did not discriminate about the cells that it absorbed, so many cells were in fact not fat cells, but muscle and other tissue. This could result in serious scarring as well as raising the risk of internal injury. To avoid this, Vaser liposuction uses a powerful ultrasound device to target fat cells, breaking them down and turning them into a liquid. Once they are more fluid, a much smaller tube is inserted into the skin, and then the liquid is removed. There is much less damage to the surrounding tissues, less bleeding, and fewer scars as a result. Recovery time is also much shorter, making it ideal if you need this kind of help.

Find Out More About Vaser

If you are really interested in finding out more about a treatment which can have fewer health consequences, then you should talk to us today about our use of Vaser. The surgeon uses the sound wave machine to target fat cells. They are vibrated until they start to break down, at which point they are more pliable, and can be sucked from the body using a much smaller tube. You can use this method to target small areas of stubborn fat, such as those at the front of the stomach, which has not been removed through diet and exercise. The end results are much less damaging in the long-term, so you can get better results with a faster turn-around time.

Talk To Us Today

When you need help with Vaser liposuction in Los Angeles, you can talk to Venice Beach Surgical Center today. Our team of specialists are particularly knowledgeable in removing excess fat from the body using this method, and can talk you through the process until you get the best results. Find out more about our services today when you contact us, and we can offer you advice about the right type of cosmetic treatments for your needs. You can simply reach out today, contacting us online through our message form, or you can call the team directly at (888) 598-0620 now.