Guide to Laser Skin Tightening

Almost every inch of extracellular space in our bodies is filled by a protein called collagen. As we age, the collagen within all the connective tissues slowly starts vaning. This affects the elasticity of the skin, as it inevitably becomes flabby.

What can you do to reverse this symptom of aging? Instead of opting for traditional surgery, laser skin tightening might be the solution for you.

Is it scary as it sounds?

Not at all. People usually imagine lasers as deadly rays which can pierce through skin, metal or any other material. In this case, the truth is far from it. Once you visit a cosmetic surgeon and book an appointment, you will experience a short and pleasant treatment.

How does it work? Using an infrared laser, the surgeon applies bearable amounts of heat to the epidermis. That heat affects muscle cells within the facial region, causing them to contract.

Due to this sudden contraction, the skin which is connected to the muscles will also tighten. Picture it like the process of ironing a shirt – contraction leads to the disappearance of wrinkles and age-induced fissures.

Why should you opt for laser skin tightening?

Cosmetic surgeons in Venice Beach are reporting increasing numbers of interested patients. Why is this the case? Perhaps the most prominent benefit of laser skin tightening is the absence of downtime.

Unlike botox treatments, there are no side-effects such as pain, discomfort or nausea. The worst that can happen is someone finding the heat unpleasant. Even that can be solved with cooling liquid od spray during the procedure.

Moreover, patients prefer this method of wrinkle eradication because of its immediately visible effects. Once the procedure is done and the redness subsides, you will see immediate changes.

Laser skin tightening is now being used in many more situations than just removing facial wrinkles. Athletes often undergo this procedure to keep the skin around an injured part of the body elastic and active. It’s fast, painless and efficient.

What else do you have to know about laser skin tightening?

Before you undergo a skin tightening procedure, you only need to wash the part of a body that is to be treated. Scrubbing off dead skin cells will only increase the efficiency of the laser pulses and the treatment as a whole.

The only side-effects reported are small stings during the procedure itself. People with more sensitive skin might experience swelling and redness, but this doesn’t involve pain and subsides in a matter of hours.

A laser skin tightening treatment is considered a cosmetic procedure, and as such, it won’t be covered by your insurance plan.

Are you ready to turn back the hands of time and get your skin in shape? We at the Dr. Rojas cosmetic surgery center pride ourselves in eradicating wrinkles and returning your skin to its former glory.

You can book a laser skin tightening online or call us at (888) 598-0620. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have before your skin look rejuvenated once again.