How Is Cosmetic Surgery in Los Angeles

How Is Cosmetic Surgery in Los Angeles Different From Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles is big business. Especially since such procedures have evolved and render more seamless results, a lot more people are getting into it, too. 

Then you have plastic surgery, which is a different animal altogether. At this point, many of you reading this are probably scratching their heads, wondering what the difference is. This article is here to explain it all. 

Plastic Surgery Is About Restoring Bodily Functions

Plastic surgery is a person requiring a facial reconstructive procedure after a bad car accident. That’s entirely different from a tummy tuck after a woman gives birth to triplets. 

This right here is the main difference: plastic surgery is about restoring bodily functions to allow the person to live a normal life. Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, focuses on enhancements that improves a person’s body image, and ultimately, their self-esteem. 

Cosmetic Surgery May Not Be Covered By Insurance

Because of the nature of the work, cosmetic surgery may not be covered by insurance. It is, after all, an elective procedure where patients willingly subject themselves to it. 

Only critical procedures are usually covered by insurance, and breast augmentation surgery isn’t one of them. 

Doctors Go Through Different Certification Processes

Aspiring plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons will need to go through medical school and residency training. They will also need to be board certified, which means they will need to pass a board exam. However, it’s the latter that needs to jump through more hoops. 

Future cosmetic surgeons are required to undergo fellowship training, or at the very least, have some experience in facial cosmetic surgery. 

And once board-certified, cosmetic surgeons can then specialize in more aesthetic procedures. Board-certified plastic surgeons, on the other hand, may take up a broader range of surgeries. 

How Is Cosmetic Surgery in Los Angeles

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