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How Permanent is Vaser in Los Angeles?

When thinking about the wide spectrum of cosmetic surgery procedures that are available to patients around the world these days, it would be fair to say that they definitely vary in terms of longevity and how long any particular treatment might last. Some non-invasive procedures are marketed as temporary fixes that will need to be topped up every few months like dermal fillers, and others are much more invasive and therefore much longer lasting. Of course, liposuction falls into the category of an invasive form of cosmetic surgery, but thanks to the progress the field has made in recent years, the more efficient method of vaser lipo is not the most popular. This brings us to the question at hand, which is, how permanent is vaser in Los Angeles?

It Is Somewhat Permanent

In basic terms, yes, Vaser liposuction is a permanent procedure in the sense that the specific fat cells that are removed during the surgery will not somehow magically be able to return to your body. The thing to remember, though, is that just because that amount of fat cells is gone, it does not mean that brand new fat cells won’t be able to grow back in the same spot on your body if you don’t adopt better lifestyle habits. It isn’t possible for the fat that was removed to somehow return to your body, but it is entirely possible for new fat to grow in its place.

Pregnancy Won’t Change Results

Some people worry that getting pregnant will result in a reversal of any liposuction procedures that they might have had, but that isn’t strictly the case. Every woman’s body gets bigger during pregnancy, but if you had a slimmed down, liposuctioned body before growing your child in your womb, then there is no reason why it shouldn’t return back to that state after you have lost that naturally gained baby weight; unless you have a routine that contradicts that.

Vaser In Los Angeles

Diet And Exercise Are Vital

Liposuction can obviously give you that instant gratification and tighter, the smaller body that you have always wanted, but there is no getting away from the fact that you need to make diet and exercise a central part of your life in order to keep that body in its new, improved condition. If you fall back into bad lifestyle habits and don’t eat nutritionally beneficial foods, then you will inevitably start to regain the fat that has been removed by the procedure. A good diet can help you to keep the weight off, and a good exercise regime can help you to tighten up the skin that now has less fat settled underneath it.

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