Lipo Vaser in Los Angeles

How The Latest Lipo Vaser Helps Los Angeles Residents Get Trim

Now that people are returning to work in the office, there is a growing sense of anxiety about how co-workers will react to seeing each other in the flesh. People who have not had to worry too much about their appearance in the last 15 months are now having to get ready to start socializing and working IRL again. Unsurprisingly, this has lead to a lot of people wondering about how to improve their appearance before they have to meet people they know, and as a consequence there has been a boom in cosmetic treatments. In America, a body of facial plastic surgeons has seen a 10% increase, while over in France the Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has risen by nearly 20%. In the UK, a referral firm, Save Face, has described minimal and non-invasive cosmetic therapy seekers as sending business “Through the roof”. Patients seeking facial enhancements are growing, as are those who hope to have specialist lipo Vaser treatment in Los Angeles. Dr. Rojas -Venice Beach Surgical Center advises patients who are keen to have surgery to start discussing their needs with a specialist surgeon.

What Is Different About Vaser Liposuction?

Liposuction has been around for a few decades now, and there is a considerable difference in the type of treatments used by cosmetic surgeons. For example, liposuction “is increasingly recognized as effective in alleviating more severe cases of lymphedema”,  but for most people this type of treatment is not needed. In fact, many of the patients coming for treatment in LA are not overweight, or suffering from any health conditions, but they simply have pockets of fat that they cannot alleviate.  While traditional liposuction may cause a great deal of damage to the muscles, treatments such as Vaser Liposuction are instead designed to be minimally invasive, using ultrasound to break down the fat cells in a more targeted process, and then sucking off the unwanted fat using a small tube, or cannula. Traditional liposuction often uses a general anesthesia for this operation, while Vaser has more localized anesthesia and faster recovery. This is where patients who already have minimal fat deposits can really benefit from liposuction treatment. Not only that, but you can also choose to enhance your figure with lipid injections – the glutes are a very popular location for this type of enhancement.

Liposuction And Men

One of the reasons why Vaser liposuction has become increasingly popular in the last few years is that the male population are choosing to use it as a way to enhance their figure. In the UK, cosmetic surgery groups reported in 2013 that about 10% of their treatments were for men, with liposuction the fourth most popular procedure, and Vaser lipo more popular than traditional liposuction. This is because it is designed as a definition tool, helping men to show off their pecs and six-pack, rather than taking out a great deal of fat. Even after some weight training, and with strict dieting to remove the excess, some men still have this excess fat around their belly. This leads to them feeling uncomfortable about their figure. Another advantage of Vaser lipo is that the fat removed can be transferred to another location, so male patients might want that fat in their buttocks, thighs and other areas where men are often judged. Vaser is a good example of the way that male patients approach cosmetic surgery, seeing it as a way to improve on a figure they have already tried to shape on their own.

Where To Find Lipo Vaser In Los Angeles

If you are looking for help with liposuction in LA, you might want to speak to specialist cosmetic surgeons about the services that they offer. Not all clinics offer Vaser, and many do not do fat grafting, so it makes sense to ask for a consultation in order to assess what each clinic is offering. At Dr. Rojas -Venice Beach Surgical Center we not only offer Vaser liposuction and fat transfer, but your first consultation with us is free. To find out more about what we can do for you today, send us an online message with your query, or call us at (310) 391-7143 now.