Is Vaser in Los Angeles Safe if You Have Diabetes?

In 2014, the FDA reported that 29.1 million Americans were suffering from diabetes. Treatment for this condition includes regulating blood sugar levels every day. Even though not all people with type 2 diabetes are overweight, it’s closely linked to weight gain. Hence, many patients with diabetes are wondering whether Vaser in Los Angeles can help. 

Vaser is a form of liposuction that removes fat cells from certain areas of the body. It’s a cosmetic procedure. Thus, it’s not to be used as a way to treat diabetes. However, if you wish to undergo this procedure for cosmetic purposes but you have diabetes, you might wonder if it’s safe. 


How Safe is Vaser in Los Angeles

In some cases, diabetes is considered an outright contraindication for the surgery. In other words, it’s dangerous for patients with diabetes to undergo a surgical operation. However, most physicians regard this procedure as safe for diabetics. But you need to meet certain conditions first. 

Before you decide to undergo this procedure, you should consult our cosmetic surgeon at Venice Beach Surgical Center. Dr. Augusto Rojas will evaluate your condition before recommending it. Some doctors would consider it safe for diabetics because it’s minimally invasive. It means that small incisions are made to insert the probe that will be used to break down fat cells under the skin. 

Vaser in Los Angeles

After breaking down the fat cells, they are liquified and drained. Typically, general anesthesia isn’t required. But it still depends on your situation. It may be a good option for you if your diabetes is less controlled. But understand that this procedure is recommended for individuals who have already tried dieting and exercising to lose weight or change their appearance in certain areas. 

If your goal is only to lose weight, then Vaser isn’t the most ideal option, whether or not you have diabetes. The best way to lose weight is still lifestyle change. It offers long-lasting results. In addition to losing weight, changing your lifestyle will also improve your overall health. But you may undergo this procedure if you still have excess fats in certain areas after dieting and exercising. 

When you consult with our cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Augusto Rojas will talk to you about the risks of this procedure and also its benefits. He may work with your primary physician to determine whether this procedure is safe for your situation. 

Generally, Vaser is a safe procedure. But not all people who wish to get rid of their excess fats can be a good candidate for this procedure. There are some requirements involved before it will be recommended. For instance, Vaser is advisable only to individuals who are non-smokers. If you smoke, you have to quit first before you can undergo this procedure. You also need to lose weight first. Remember, it’s not a weight-loss tool. Thus, you have to be within your ideal weight before you can be a good candidate. 

Talk to our cosmetic surgeon today to know more about Vaser in Los Angeles and to determine whether it’s safe for you if you have diabetes: (310)-391-7143