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Lipo Abdomen vs Tummy Tuck: Which One is Better?

Tummy tuck and lipo abdomen Los Angeles are two of the most popular cosmetic procedures at Venice Beach Surgical Center. Most of our patients would ask our cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Augusto Rojas, about their main differences.


But one procedure is not better than the other. The reason for this is that one may be a better solution for an individual case. It means that the better solution is the procedure that can help you achieve your desired results. 


In that case, you must not get a tummy tuck or liposuction if you don’t need one. 


Consult an Expert in Tummy Tuck and Lipo Abdomen in Los Angeles

Before you can undergo either of these procedures, you need to consult with Dr. Rojas. He will evaluate your situation and request a series of tests to determine the right option. 


Dr. Rojas may recommend liposuction if there’s a need to remove extra fat from your abdomen. In most cases, lipo abdomen is done along with a tummy tuck. 


It’s important to note that liposuction isn’t only done on the abdomen. Your inner and outer thighs, for instance, can be full of extra fat and you can get rid of the fat surplus through liposuction. 


This procedure, per se, is minimally invasive. It means that you can go home after the procedure. Dr. Rojas will decide whether to give you local anesthesia or general anesthetic. 


The recovery is faster than other major cosmetic procedures. It can take around a month. However, your recovery will be different. 


Which Option You Will Need: Lipo or Tummy Tuck 

As mentioned earlier, there’s no one option that is better than the other. But the main question is whether you need liposuction alone or do you need tummy tuck as well? 


Liposuction can improve the shape of your body. It removes excess fat that can’t be eliminated through diet and exercise. But it’s not a weight-loss treatment. 


Unfortunately, after liposuction, you may develop loose skin around the abdomen. 


If it happens to you, Dr. Rojas may recommend a tummy tuck. Liposuction may already include skin tightening. However, it may not be enough, that’s why you may develop a flap. 


A tummy tuck involves the removal of skin to help you achieve a contoured abdomen. This procedure is ideal if you have diastasis recti


In this situation, lipo can effectively remove excess fat but it can repair the abdominal wall. For that reason, Dr. Rojas will suggest a tummy tuck to help you achieve the cosmetic results that you desire. 


However, even if you have loose skin, you may still opt not to undergo a tummy tuck. Dr. Rojas will leave that decision to you. 


Essentially, what cosmetic procedure you want to undergo it’s clearly up to you. Dr. Rojas will lay out possible results but you’ll be the one to decide what type of results you will be satisfied with. 

To find out if you need both tummy tuck and lipo abdomen in Los Angeles, consult with Dr. Augusto Rojas today. Please dial: (310) 39-7143.