Lipo Vaser: Technology and Expertise for the Body You Want

Do you want to lose weight but can’t quite find a method that feels right for you? Maybe you are someone who’s interested in liposuction but are worried that none of the procedures fit your needs. That’s why we offer what’s called “Lipo Vaser.” This laser is a critical part of our “High Definition Liposuction” procedure, which can give you much better results than conventional liposuction while also giving you less downtime, too. Here at the Venice Beach Surgical Center, we can make sure that you look your very best. 

Lipo Vaser Explained 

Most don’t realize this, but “Vaser” is actually an acronym. It stands for “Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance” (obviously, that’s a name that had to be shortened). This procedure works by sending out ultrasonic frequency waves that safely target fat cells and break them down, or emulsify them. Then, one of our medical professionals inserts a very small cannula into your skin through a tiny incision. Once that’s done, it sucks all of the fat up. That’s it. That’s the entire procedure. 

Precise Liposuction 

You’ll notice that in the last paragraph, we wrote: “it sucks all of the fat up.” It does not say “it sucks up some of the fat” or “it sucks up some of the fat as well as some blood vessels and nerves,” and so forth. No, we wrote, “it sucks all of the fat up.” This procedure was specifically designed to be able to target only fat. Beyond that, it targets not just fat, but the fat that you want to remove. So, if there’s fat around your waist, your legs, your arms, and so forth, if there’s fat around your body that you don’t want to be there, odds are we can do something about it. 

Lipo Vaser

Fast Results that Get Better 

It’s natural to see the references to a “tiny incision” and think “this must have a lengthy recovery period.” Not really. You’ll be able to see results from the moment the procedure is over, yes, but there will be some swelling and bruising. That’s to be expected. In fact, for most people, it takes four to six months to see the final results. However, that’s part of what’s so amazing about this procedure: the results are an improvement from the moment the procedure ends. But, as your swelling and bruising go down, you’ll see even better and better results. It’s like you continue to look better as time goes on, until the bruising and swelling are gone, leaving you your best self. 

One More Way to Look Your Best 

This HD liposuction has lead to some incredible results. You can look better for a long time. However, we’ve found that for those who already lead a healthy lifestyle or who develop a healthier lifestyle after the procedure, they can look even better than ever. To learn about how this procedure works for your needs, give us a call at (888) 598-0620.