liposuction in Los Angeles

Liposuction in Los Angeles: Why Compression Garment is Vital?

The result of liposuction in Los Angeles will depend on various factors. One main thing to consider is the one performing the procedure. 

When you choose our world-renowned Dr. Augusto Rojas to be your cosmetic surgeon, you are likely to get an excellent result. However, you must still follow his post-operative instructions to ensure a better outcome. 

One of the many things to do to get the result that you want after the surgery is to wear a compression garment. 

liposuction in Los Angeles

How a Compression Garment Can Affect Liposuction Result in Los Angeles

This garment isn’t just a part of your recovery but of the surgery itself. It completes the surgical process of creating your new body or shape. 

Furthermore, this compression garment prevents any postoperative complications. 

You may not like wearing this garment. But understand that this is vital to get a better result. 


What are the Uses of a Compression Garment? 

It can serve various purposes. 

For instance, it can prevent fluid buildup between the muscles and skin in the target area. This buildup can happen to anyone who underwent liposuction. 

Another reason you should wear this garment is to ensure that the stitches and dressing are in place. Although liposuction these days is minimally invasive, an incision is still needed. 

And after the procedure, the incision will be stitched to close it. 

The garment can also improve skin healing. It also enhances skin elasticity. 

Furthermore, this garment helps in minimizing bruising and swelling. 

Keep in mind that even if the procedure is done by a world-renowned cosmetics surgeon, bruising and swelling can still happen. 

To prevent them from happening, you must wear this garment. It also improves proper circulation to the healing tissues. 

Most of all, this compression garment is necessary to ensure that you get the desired shape. In other words, this garment is vital to help in contouring your body. 


Are There Risks Involved? 

It is designed to be tight. Hence, you may experience discomfort in the treated area. This discomfort can happen during the early stage after the procedure. 

Even though it is tight by design, it doesn’t cause excessive pressure on the area. 

Dr. Rojas will give you a compression garment specifically designed for you. In that way, it won’t place excessive pressure on that area. Keep in mind that too much compression can increase your risk of deep vein thrombosis. 

If the garment is ill-fitted, it can cause contour irregularities. 

For that reason, you should not wear any compression garment after liposuction. Rather, you need to wear the one prescribed by Dr. Rojas. 

On the other hand, if the prescribed compression garment is too tight for you, talk to Dr. Rojas immediately. 


How Long to Wear the Garment? 

You need to wear it for several weeks. During the first week after the surgery, you must not remove it. But you can take it off when you shower. 

After liposuction in Los Angeles, you need to see Dr. Rojas regularly for a few weeks. Call us to know more about what to do before, during, and after the surgery: (310)-391-7143