Liposuction VASER in Los Angeles – The Safer Option

Losing weight is a consistent battle that many of us fight for what seems like a lifetime. As we age, losing weight can become more difficult. You may find that you have bulges or pouches in areas that never seem to go away, no matter what diet you try or how much you exercise or work out. You may feel like you have no options and alternatives, and you begin to look into the possibilities of liposuction. This cosmetic surgery may be what can help you. Still, you want to make sure you look at all the options you have before settling on the first doctor you find that offers liposuction. With some research, you will learn that liposuction VASER in Los Angeles can be a safer and more successful option for you.

liposuction VASER in Los Angeles

Liposuction That is Safer

While any type of surgery always has its risks, when it comes to liposuction, VASER can be the safer choice for you. VASER uses ultrasound to turn the fat into liquid before a cannula is inserted through a small incision to remove the fluid. This procedure is far less invasive than traditional liposuction methods. Because of the nature of VASER, you also experience much less disruption of the nerves and blood vessels in and around the area where the fat is removed. This means you have less bruising and scarring as a result. You also have a less painful recovery, something that is vital to many patients today.

A More Successful Liposuction Option

You will find that liposuction VASER in Los Angeles is also a more successful surgical option. Traditional liposuction is unable to target and pinpoint pockets of fat in areas of the body with success. This can leave you with a body that still does not appear the way you want it. With VASER technology, small areas of fat can be removed successfully to leave you with the smoother, more defined skin and body that helps your confidence and self-esteem soar. You can gain definition in your abs and chest, or get rid of problem spots on your thighs, hips, arms, or neck.

Speak with a VASER Expert

The best way for you to get more information about liposuction VASER in Los Angeles so you can see it is the more effective, safer option is to speak with an expert. Here at the Venice Beach Surgical Center, Dr. Augusto Rojas has worked with VASER for years and has many clients and patients who have successfully achieved the toned bodies they desire. You can find out more about VASER, how it works, and the other cosmetic procedures and services we offer at our facility in Los Angeles when you visit our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the contact form found on our site or by calling us at (888) 598-0620. You can set up a meeting with Dr. Rojas and find out how VASER can be the answer to help you refine your body.