Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles

Non-Surgical Options for Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles: Do They Work?

If you are someone who has been considering breast augmentation for a while, then it might be safe to assume that you have trawled the internet looking for, and researching, every type of method possible. We are all familiar with the classic cosmetic surgery that people refer to as a ‘boob job’, but did you know that going under the knife isn’t the only type of treatment on offer for breast augmentation in Los Angeles? Something that has gained momentum in the last few years is the notion of non-surgical breast augmentation. Firstly, let’s explore what that actually means, and secondly, do any of these alternative options actually work?

What Are The Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation Options?

At the moment, non-surgical breast augmentation methods come in two different and popular forms. These are pills and creams. In general, both of these methods contain ingredients that work to affect the endocrine system, and they contain something called phytoestrogens that are supposed to increase the mass of your breast tissue.

What Are The Key Ingredients Used In These Products?

Mexican Wild Yam – This is a plant that contains diosgenin, which is a precursor to estrogen. Estrogen, obviously, can have an impact on increasing breast size. Blessed Thistle – This is an herb that works to stimulate lactation, which in turn can help to make breasts appear larger and firmer. Dandelion Root – This plant is also believed to be able to stimulate breast tissue, and it is also thought by some to have the ability to detoxify breast tissue.

Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles

Do These Alternative Options Actually Work?

It is incredibly important to stress that at this moment in time, is not scientifically clear if any of these non-surgical options are an effective way to achieve ‘natural’ breast augmentation. The claims by various companies are vociferous, and the apparent testimonials are very heartfelt, but there simply hasn’t been enough research in these areas to be able to determine the true efficacy of the pills and creams.

Are The Ingredients Used Even Safe?

Though the data is currently unclear, there haven’t been any cases of serious side effects from people who have experimented with these options. Plant ingredients are, at least, natural, but it is important to remember that the reactions can vary from individual to individual. At the end of the day, these various ‘holistic’ methods aren’t going to cause direct harm, but they might not achieve the results that you are hoping for either. Increasing your breast size isn’t something that can be done just by ingesting the right kinds of herbs.

So, if you don’t trust the skeptical reputations of these non-surgical methods and would rather book an appointment with a reputed, safe cosmetic surgeon for breast augmentation in Los Angeles, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Venice Beach Surgical Center. Dr. Rojas and his team of expert professionals are here to provide you with treatments that are proven to be safe and proven to provide the kind of long-lasting results that you are hoping for!