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This comprehensive guide will help you learn more about the procedures and cosmetic surgeries offered by Venice Beach Surgical Center and based on our extensive experience will also indicate the postoperative care you should follow to obtain excellent results in your surgery.


What is Liposuction? 

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that extracts or suctions the excess fat in a defined or determined area of the body with a specialized instrument or cannula.


What is Liposculpture? Liposculpture is the art of liposuction. Its main function is to improve the contour of the body, eliminating excess fat contained in a specific area and improving asymmetries and other conditions not desired by the patient. The duration of this type of procedure is approximately 3 and a half hours, depending on the amount of fat you want to remove. The postoperative recovery time immediately after surgery is approximately 2 hours and the patient must stay in the recovery room, but this may vary according to the patient’s health condition and how they feel after their surgery. Typically, patients rest for 2 hours under the professional care of a licensed nurse who will be monitoring their vital signs constantly, ensuring that the patient is in optimal conditions to go home, hotel or place of residence to rest.


What is BBL or Brazilian Buttocks Lift?


Also known as “Fat Transfer” it is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure widely recognized for its great natural and safe results. This buttocks enlargement, through fat transfer or Brazilian Butt Lift, has increased in popularity in recent years throughout the world. Today, thousands of people seek to have a better-outlined body with more sensual, round and proportionate buttocks. The Brazilian buttocks augmentation uses the same fat from the patient that was extracted with liposuction, and it is transferred to the desired area of the buttock, to achieve a perfect and natural contour. This advanced technique not only produces a more attractive “derriere”, but also accentuates a slimmer waist and a flatter or “fit” abdomen.


What is HD ABS or Abdominal Marking? 


HD abs or abdominal Marking is the process in which the muscles and shapes of the abdomen are marked, using a special contour and suction cannula, to give more tonality to the abdomen area, thus simulating defined, athletic, fitness-type abdominal muscles. This is a current technique, very revolutionary, and ideal for those individuals who like to look like they have done a lot of exercise looking very healthy and fit. Today millions of people choose to have that perfect abdomen, defined and dreamed of by many.


What is Renuvion® or JPlasma? 


Renuvion® is a minimally invasive, FDA-approved, cosmetic procedure that uses the combination of radiofrequency energy and cold helium to tighten and shrink sagging skin and tissues in any body region. It is suitable for patients of both sexes and any age. The adhesion and firming effects are surprisingly noticeable immediately after the procedure with progressive improvement that can be assessed after three months, achieving its definitive phase around the ninth month.


-Frequently asked questions:


-After my surgery, when can I go back to work?

Normally the patient, after a surgery of this type, can return to work in approximately 2 weeks. There are many cases in which within a week the patient returns to his/her normal work activities, it all depends on the type of work he/she does. Dr. Rojas will indicate, according to your progress and how you feel after your surgery, when it will be ok to return to work.


-Should I wear a compression girdle after my surgery?

Yes! Immediately after your surgery you should wear a girdle that we will provide, it is an essential and very important element for your satisfactory recovery. You should use it (all day) at least for 1 month after your surgery. The doctor will tell you if you are required to use it for a longer time. This girdle is used so that the skin can stick to your body easily, remember, fat has been extracted and the skin must stick and conform to its new contour or natural shape.


-Should I get massages after my surgery?

The answer is YES, massages after liposuction or liposculpture are a very important and a basic part of obtaining extraordinary results. These massages drain the liquid, blood, and water in those areas where the fat was removed and work wonders to obtain excellent results. In our surgical center you can also find people trained in performing these massages either manually or with ultrasound. Dr. Rojas or his team will tell you when to start them, the sooner the better, and they will tell you who can perform them in your city or area where you live. 

Be mindful, a professional in the field must do these massages.


-Symptoms that the patient should expect after their surgery:

-Mild-moderate pain in the area.

-A little burning.



-Drainage of liquids.




-Can there be complications after my surgery?

After any type of surgery there could be minor complications, such as a change in skin color, which generally disappear in 1 or 2 weeks with the proper lymphatic massages. You will also be able to see some small incisions that are also temporary or small scars that will disappear and change color with time and care.

If you do not want to see marks or spots on your skin, you should NOT expose the operated area to the sun or tanning machines for 6 months. If the patient does not provide the required care and necessary rest, infections, bruises and irregularities in the skin can occur. Therefore, the constant use of the girdle, massages and hygiene is very important.


-Other major complications:

“In any type of surgery there are risks and complications that you should always consider”

There could be excessive bleeding, blood clots, respiratory distress, irregular heartbeats, immediate need for a blood transfusion and even hospitalization, if ordered by the doctor. The patient always needs to have a prior consultation with Dr. Rojas to check on his/her health and if is suitable to have a cosmetic surgical procedure of this type. The doctor will decide with the patient and will indicate which tests you should have before surgery based on your health status.


-First consultation with Dr. Rojas:

Dr. Rojas will explain in more detail and will try to answer all the questions and concerns that the patient has about the procedure. He will also recommend, based on his extensive experience, what is best for the patient. If you decide to perform the cosmetic procedure with us than you must pay an initial fee or “down payment” of $1000 (thousand dollars), to be able to set aside your pre-operative day and the day of surgery.


-Pre-Operative Day:

-Set aside enough time (at least 2 hours) for blood tests.

-The blood and physical exams are only valid for 30 days before the surgery, if the patient does not have the surgery within that month, then these tests must be repeated. We will try to have your surgical procedure done within those 30 days.

-This day the patient will sign all the consents and authorizations. Photographs of the “before” will be taken, to have as a record of your health and figure.


– Final payment or remaining balance:


Full payment must be completed no later than 24 hours before surgery, otherwise we will not be able to perform any type of procedure. 


Surgery Day:

  1. The patient must arrive at the assigned time, usually 7am.

If the patient does not arrive at the assigned time, and it takes more than an hour, because of traffic or any other reasons, we will have to charge an extra $200 fee. Nurses and the entire team will be ready for surgery and they begin to collect their wages from the moment you are scheduled for surgery. Being on time is key and very important to us.

  1. You can wear comfortable cotton clothing, a sweatshirt, nothing too tight.
  2. You can only eat solid foods until the night before your surgery but no later than 10pm.

4.Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before.

5.Only drink water until midnight. 

6.The night before try to sleep and rest as much as possible.

7.The patient will be in surgery for about 3 hours, and then he/she will go to the recovery room under the care of a nurse who will be monitoring his/her vital signs.

  1. Dr. Rojas will discharge the patient when he considers that is in optimal condition to leave.
  2. You CANNOT drive a vehicle, or take an UBER or Taxi if you are not with someone. Another person will have to drive you or accompany you at ALL times after you leave the clinic. 


The patient will have an assigned time and will be notified in advance for a family member or friend to pick him/her up and he/she must arrive at the right time after discharge, otherwise we will have to charge the patient an additional fee of $130 as an extra payment for post-operative nursing care.


  1. Finally, the patient will have ALL the information and instructions for a speedy recovery and an excellent postoperative process and will also be able to communicate with the doctor at any time.
  2. You should start your lymphatic massages as soon as possible. The doctor will indicate the day and details, according to your city of residence and health status.
  3. The patient will return for check-up within 1 or 2 days after his surgery, 10 days, a month, or as required by the doctor.
  4. Photographs of the “after” surgery will be taken once or twice later on, to be able to see the progress and results of your surgery, or when the doctor indicates to keep control and record of each patient.






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