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Silicone Removal Procedure: Putting You Back in Control 

Have you tried to get the figure of your dreams, only to find out that a silicone injection into your buttocks actually made things worse? Are you someone who had silicone injected into your glutes without an implant and now regret it? This happens far more often than you think. There’s no shame in it, and if it happened to you, you don’t have to just “live with it.” Dr. Rojas and his team of professionals can eliminate the silicone from your glutes with their silicone removal procedure so that you can live how you want. 

Simple Silicone Removal Procedure 

Often, the silicone that needs to be removed was injected by an amateur, or someone without a sterling resume. Dr. Rojas and his team of experts can make certain to remove all of the silicone or anything else in the simplest, quickest, and least invasive way possible. Each of these procedures are different, and they vary greatly depending upon the nature of a person’s injection, how long it’s been injected, how their body is reacting, and so forth. But, regardless of any of that, Dr. Rojas and his team can put together a procedure that meets your exact needs, so that you can leave the facility with the body that you want. 


Who’s a Good Candidate 

After having silicone or anything else injected into your glutes, it’s natural to feel some sensitivity, pain, and so forth. But, if you have chronic pain in that area that won’t go away, even long after the recommended recovery period, something could be wrong. By that same token, if that area is inflamed and won’t calm down, or if you have a constant tingling in your legs or arms that only appeared after the operation, then you could be a great candidate for this procedure. You should get help as quickly as possible, of course, if you’re dealing with cosmetic deformities, tissue degeneration, and similar problems. No matter how your implants “went wrong,” Dr. Rojas and the team can find a way forward. 

Secure, Safe Augmentation for the Glutes 

If you’re reading this blog because you’ve been researching the “Brazillian Butt Lift” or something similar, don’t get scared. There are plenty of safe, secure butt augmentation procedures that won’t lead to this outcome. In fact, simply by talking to Dr. Rojas and his team, you’ve already done everything necessary to ensure that you won’t need the kind of procedure described in this blog. Should you desire to have your buttocks augmented or anything similar, Dr. Rojas and his team can set it up. 

The Right Procedure for Your Needs 

If there’s something wrong with the silicone injections or something similar in your glutes, it can be scary. That’s why Dr. Rojas and his team are ready to help. If you want more information or to talk to a professional, you can schedule a free consultation with us through our site or by calling (888) 598-0620. From there, we can figure out the best, safest procedure for your specific needs.