Fat Transfer

The Applications of Cosmetic Fat Transfer

It is very likely that you have heard about liposuction before, but have you heard about the fat transfer? Sure, a lot of cosmetic surgery patients are more interested in having their fat cells liquified and removed for good, but in other cases, that same fat can be used to help and change other parts of the body instead. Fat transfer certainly isn’t a new phenomenon in the world of cosmetic surgery, in fact, it has been used for decades in various different forms for various different purposes. If you are interested in this topic and want to learn more, then here are some of the different applications for cosmetic fat transfer.

Since the 1990s, cosmetic surgeons have used the fat grafting process as a way to improve and enhance the appearance of various parts of the human body, including the face, hands, breasts, hips, feet, and buttocks.

In more recent years, however, a different field has also emerged, and that is the field of fat grafting for the healing of wounds and scars, particularly in women who have experienced damage in the breast tissue following radiation treatment for cancer.

Fat Transfer

General Process Of Fat Grafting

The general process of fat grafting involves three key steps:

  1. The extraction of fat from the donor area via the process of liposuction.
  2. Decanting, liquefying, and processing this removed fat to turn it into appropriately injectable cells.
  3. Reinjection of this purified fat into the area of the body that requires the treatment.

In terms of what fat grafting can do for your body in a cosmetic sense, it can add volume to your face, increase the size and symmetry of your breasts, give a better profile to your hips, make your buttocks perkier, and even reduce the appearance of a wrinkle in your hands or provide padding to particularly bony feet. It is important to remember that fat transfer isn’t all about the aesthetic, it can often be utilized in order to bring a patient some much-needed comfort, or even to aid in their treatment for a much more serious health issue.

Outside of the world of beauty, fat grafting has also been put forward as a way to aid in the treatment of plenty of more serious medical issues. These include COPD, congestive heart failure, pulmonary fibrosis, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, macular degeneration, Crohn’s disease, osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, and urinary incontinence. As the field expands and the research continues, fat grafting will only prove to be more and more helpful as new breakthroughs are made and successes are achieved.

Where To Find Reliable Information

If a fat transfer is something that you would like to learn even more about, then head over to the Venice Beach Surgical Center for all of the links to contacts who can provide you with all and any information that you might need. Dr. Rojas and his expert team are vastly experienced in all areas of cosmetic surgery, and they look forward to being able to set up an appointment with you to talk through any queries that you might have.