Try the Most Modern Form of Lipo in Our Los Angeles Surgery

Try the Most Modern Form of Lipo in Our Los Angeles Surgery

Anyone who has struggled to lose weight and get rid of unsightly fat knows all about traditional liposuction. This is a form of therapy which is designed to assist patients who are struggling to get rid of certain areas of unwanted fat. Traditional liposuction was very prone to leaving obvious surgical scars, and doctors have been searching for decades to find a method that was really effective. Recently, our doctor specializing in lipo in Los Angeles have been using a method known as HD liposuction in order to make the whole surgical process much easier.

A Modern Improvement

The latest advances in modern surgical treatments have been focused upon the use of laser and ultrasound in treating patients, and these methods have slowly made their way into the field of cosmetic surgery. Unlike traditional methods which were very invasive and prone to damage the skin, HD liposuction uses Vaser laser technology in order to diminish fat cells in the body. A small cut is made into the skin, and the fat cells are injected with a chemical solution. A probe is put into the skin, and ultrasound is used to break up the fat. This fat is then removed from the body.

Try the Most Modern Form of Lipo in Los Angeles Surgery

Improving the Effects of Lipo Surgery

There are two reasons why we believe that ultrasound liposuction is the way to go. Firstly, we are able to target fat cells that much more easily, allowing a better definition when we perform surgical body sculpting. Secondly, the surgical process itself is much less harmful, which gives you a better healing time, and less chance of excessive bruising or scarring. As you have a reduced swelling in the area, you are more likely to quickly notice the effects of the liposuction.

Receiving Liposuction with Us

If you have been debating whether to have lipo in Los Angeles surgery, and have been put off by your idea of what liposuction means, then the idea of ultrasound lipo might make you feel more confident about the treatment. By talking to our expert cosmetic surgeon, Dr Augusto Rojas, you can learn more about the procedure, and discover whether you are a suitable candidate for this kind of treatment. We can offer you the opportunity to improve your appearance easily, so reach out to us today, either by contacting a member of staff online, or by calling us at (310)391-7143 now.