Dr. Augusto Rojas

Understand These Things First Before Considering Liposuction

Dr. Augusto Rojas is a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles. He has performed hundreds of liposuction every year. He’s also the trusted cosmetic surgeon of many Hollywood A-list stars. 

Before recommending liposuction, though, there are things that he wants you to understand so you know better what this procedure is all about. Listed below are some of those things that you should know to clear the myths about liposuction. 


Dr. Augusto Rojas Wants You to Know that You Can Still Gain Weight After Lipo 

When you undergo stomach liposuction, the extra fat in your belly will be removed. In a way, it will help you lose weight. 

However, if you won’t follow a healthy lifestyle, you will gain the weight you have lost after the procedure. This is why you must treat liposuction as an investment. In that case, you need to maintain the results

In other words, liposuction in your belly won’t stop you from gaining weight. It’s not a magical solution. If you eat unhealthy food and you don’t exercise, you will gain weight. 

But your stomach will still be slimmer because fat doesn’t move around. 

After liposuction in the stomach, there will be fewer fat cells in that area. But if you gain weight after this procedure, your body will still store fat in those places. 

However, because some of the fat cells have been removed, you will have fewer extra fats in that area. 

Thus, if you gain weight, other areas of your body will be larger but your stomach will remain slimmer. 


Liposuction Won’t Give You Washboard Abs 

The reason for this is that 6-pack abs are made in the gym and the kitchen. Liposuction will remove the subcutaneous fat. 

But those abs won’t show if you have visceral fat. 

Keep in mind that visceral fat can only be removed through proper diet and exercise. In that case, if you have plenty of visceral fat, you won’t get the washboard abs you have been dreaming of after liposuction. 

You need to build them through proper training. Dr. Rojas may refer you to a nutritionist and a trainer so you will know the best diet, exercise, and training you need to finally get washboard abs. 

Once you hit the gym frequently and follow a healthy diet, you will soon see your well-defined abs. You should train your obliques by hitting the gym. 


Loose Skin After Liposuction 

It’s a common issue of many patients undergoing liposuction. Loose skin may appear after this procedure. 

But it depends on the amount of collagen that your body produces. Keep in mind that the older you are, the less skin elasticity you get. 

If that’s a problem, a tummy tuck may be added to the overall procedure. Dr. Augusto Rojas will explain it to you during your initial consultation. To schedule your first appointment with him, please dial this number (310)-391-7143.