Vaser in Los Angeles

Vaser in Los Angeles: Correcting the Misconceptions

Vaser in Los Angeles is dangerous. It’s also painful. Are these true? There are several misconceptions about this beauty enhancement procedure. And this post will rectify them. 

Is Vaser in Los Angeles Dangerous? 

It’s a common question that patients ask before they commit to this treatment. But is it harmful though? Vaser is a form of liposuction. It’s an advanced procedure using sophisticated machines. In that case, it’s far from dangerous. However, because it’s still considered surgery, there’s risk involved. But such risk can be avoided when you choose to undergo this treatment under the hands of a board-certified plastic surgeon. Liposuction is safe and effective only if the person performing it is knowledgeable and has years of experience in this area. Furthermore, the risks can also be lowered when patients follow the pre and post-surgical instructions. If you do follow what you’ve been instructed to do before and after the procedure, Vaser is a safe treatment. 

Is It Painful? 

Vaser liposuction isn’t like liposuction years ago. It’s actually a minimally invasive procedure. In that case, there’s no need for general anesthesia. Although the pain is tolerable, there’s a feeling of discomfort after the procedure. In this case, you’ll experience muscle soreness that can last for 2 days. There may also be bruising and swelling but they are tolerable. However, how much pain you feel will depend on your overall health. And the skill of the surgeon is vital to ensure that the entire procedure is virtually painless. That’s why you must only consider this procedure if it’s carried out by a skilled and expert cosmetic surgeon. 

How Affordable Is It? 

It depends on how you define affordable. When it comes to this procedure though, you need to balance the doctor’s experience and expertise and the price. In that case, if a doctor advertises his Vaser liposuction at an extremely cheap rate, then walk away. You can expect the cost to be higher than $500. The more experienced and skilled the doctor is, the higher the price of this procedure will be. But don’t focus on the price too much. Keep in mind that if you undergo this procedure, you need to choose an expert cosmetic surgeon that can give you excellent results and no adverse side effects. 

Is Vaser a form of Weight Loss Treatment? 

Vaser liposuction may help you lose weight as it removes extra fats from your body. However, you can’t undergo this procedure if your BMI is over 30. If your goal is to lose weight, though, then Vaser may not be the ideal option. Instead, you need to follow a healthy diet and regular exercise first. Remember that Vaser is a body contouring procedure. It means that it eliminates stubborn fats. That’s why it’s an excellent procedure after you have lost weight because it removes those fats that won’t just go away after losing weight. 

Get the Truth 

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