Vaser in Los Angeles

Vaser in Los Angeles to Melt Those Stubborn Fats

You can follow all the diets available today to help you slim down. But the excess fats in your belly won’t go away. They’re still there hiding in your abdomen. Before you get frustrated, please know that there’s a solution to your issue. Enter Vaser in Los Angeles

Vaser in Los Angeles

What is Vaser in Los Angeles

It’s a popular option among many Hollywood celebrities. This kind of liposuction is the new standard. It melts fat deposits and removes them from your skin. Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance (VASER) is an invasive procedure. But it’s not like the traditional liposuction. In this procedure, the machine being used will target your fat cells but it also protects other tissues from damage. Its way of breaking fat deposits is unique as the process is gentle. In addition to it being minimally invasive, VASER also promotes skin tightening. It won’t cause any damage to the surrounding nerves and tissues. Furthermore, the recovery time is shorter than the traditional liposuction. 

Are You a Good Candidate for VASER? 

Not all people with stubborn fats in their belly can undergo this procedure. If you’re a healthy person but your weight is slightly above the ideal weight, then you may undergo this type of procedure. To know if you’re a good candidate for it, talk to a cosmetic surgeon in LA. Dr. Rojas is one of the few highly qualified cosmetic surgeons who offers VASER. A thorough evaluation must be conducted before Dr. Rojas will recommend this procedure. As mentioned, you need to be healthy. Although VASER can effectively melt those stubborn fats, they will come back if you don’t commit to following a nutritious meal plan. You also have to carry out regular physical activities so fats won’t be stored in those areas again. 

How Will VASER Tighten Your Skin? 

There’s no age limit for this procedure. But it’s often recommended to younger patients because of their tighter skin. VASER can effectively eliminate unwanted fat and tighten your skin. But you may need to undergo skin excision to tighten the treated area. You will know whether or not you need this additional procedure during your consultation with Dr. Rojas. 

What Habits That Won’t Allow You to Undergo VASER? 

If you’re a smoker, you need to quit first before you can undergo this procedure. But why it’s important? Smokers don’t have sufficient oxygen supply to the skin tissues. When you undergo VASER, the tissues in the affected area will need more oxygen to heal. Since you smoke, your body can’t deliver the needed nutrients to that area. It also puts you at high risk of necrosis or the death of body tissue. During your interview with Dr. Rojas, you need to be honest about your answers as they can affect the outcome of the procedure. 

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Getting rid of those stubborn fats can be difficult. With the help of VASER in Los Angeles, you can finally eliminate those fats and be more confident about yourself. Contact us to know more about this procedure and how Dr. Rojas can change your physical appearance: (323)-310-3880.