Lipo in Los Angeles

Venice Beach Surgical Center is the Best Place for Lipo in Los Angeles

You won’t be surprised to hear that Los Angeles is, without a doubt, one of the most popular places in the world when it comes to seeking out cosmetic surgery of all different varieties. With so many different places to choose from, it can often be quite daunting trying to decide which institution you want to have your own treatments performed at, but when it comes to lipo in Los Angeles, there is no doubt that the Venice Beach Center is the best choice for the job! Here are some of the biggest reasons why the Venice Beach Center is the best place for lipo in Los Angeles.

They Are Experts In HD Liposuction

HD lipo is, as the name suggests, a form of liposuction that is designed specifically to both remove fat deposits from your body, and also provide a definition and muscle contouring at the same time. Lots of people have described HD lipo as having a very dramatic and effective thinning effect that does much more for your body than the old traditional form of liposuction. The biggest benefits of this more advanced lipo method include much more natural-looking results, smaller incisions, better overall safety, much shorter recovery time, hardly any prominent scarring, and much tighter skin at the end of the treatment.

Luckily for you, the Venice Beach Surgical Center specializes in this particular type of liposuction and should be regarded as the number one choice in the city.

Meet Dr. Augusto Rojas

Original from Bogota in Colombia, Dr. Augusto is one of the leading names in the modern field of HD liposuction. Now the incredibly successful Medical and Surgical Director at Oceanview Medical and Surgical Group in Venice, California. He has more than twenty years of experience in Southern California, and in a place in the world where dozens and dozens of cosmetic surgeons profess to be the best in the business, there is no doubt that Dr. Rojas is a real candidate for the true title.

What Does Dr. Rojas Offer?

In addition to the HD liposuction that Dr. Rojas offers along with his team at his surgery, they also provide a full range of cosmetic procedures that span from non-invasive to minimally invasive to more involved and complicated. Some of the most common and popular procedures that Dr. Rojas and his team undertake every single day include:

  • Tummy tuck.
  • Brazilian lift.
  • Varicose vein treatment.
  • Facelift.
  • Face and neck lift with threads.
  • Lip augmentation.
  • Lip lift.
  • Botox.
  • Fillers.
  • Vampire lift.
  • PRP.
  • Microdermabrasion.
  • Laser.
  • Peels.
  • Breast augmentation (reduction, lift, reconstruction, male reduction.)

Lipo in Los Angeles

So, if you want to enlist the services of Dr. Rojas for lipo in Los Angeles at the Venice Beach Surgical Center, then don’t hesitate to make an appointment for an initial consultation. The expert and highly experienced staff will be more than happy to answer any questions and ease any worries that you might have. We look forward to meeting you and being able to change your life for the better!