cosmetic surgery in Venice

What Age Is the Right Age For Cosmetic Surgery?

When it comes to the world of cosmetic beauty and various surgical procedures both small and extensive, it very much feels like the landscape has completely shifted over the last couple of decades. Once upon a time cosmetic surgery in Venice was something reserved for the rich, the famous and those chasing eternal youth, but this simply isn’t the case anymore. People from all walks of life, of all ages are now seeing cosmetic surgery as something that can be a possibility for them, for a number of different reasons.

With that in mind, here are some important and enlightening facts about when it might be the right time in life to start thinking about different degrees of cosmetic surgery.


Though most cosmetic surgery is not recommended for patients still in their teen years, something that is fairly common among younger people is rhinoplasty. ‘Nose jobs’ can be performed at this age both for reasons of easing nasal passage breathing, congestion, and the aesthetics of a nose in extreme cases when a teen’s mental health is being affected by the size or shape of their nose.


Rhinoplasty continues to be a popular form of surgery for people into their twenties, and this is also one of the main age groups for breast augmentation. This can be for both increase in size and reduction in size.


cosmetic surgery in Venice

Botox starts to become more of a common cosmetic procedure as patients get into their thirties, with around 1 million treatments being performed in this age group every year. Other treatments that are common in the thirties bracket are things like liposuction and breast augmentation, often a combination desired in the early years after childbirth.


The fuller effects of aging start to come into play at this stage, and cosmetic surgery in Venice sees a lot of middle aged patients opting for procedures such as eyelid surgery and more wider ranging facelift treatments. A lot of preventative maintenance procedures performed at this stage of life can help to lower the need for anything more major as a patients moves into their senior years.

55 +

There is absolutely no reason in the 21st century that a person cannot look twenty or more years younger well into their sixties. Facelifts are very popular among this older age bracket, with Botox and dermal fillers also being utilized to maintain a more youthful look without going overboard and looking ‘strange’. Almost 1.5 million Botox injections and nearly 1 million dermal filler procedures are undertaken by patients over the age of 55 every single year.

No matter how old you are, your consultation with a cosmetic surgeon will be completely personal to you, your age, your health and circumstances.

If you think that cosmetic surgery is something that you would like to explore your own options for, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Rojas at the Venice Beach Surgical Center. Cosmetic surgery in Venice has never been more readily accessible than it is right now, so do not be afraid to take advantage and potentially change your life for the better.