Botox in Los Angeles

What To Expect After A First Treatment Of Botox In Los Angeles

In the world of cosmetic beauty, it’s fair to say that Botox is something that is considered to be mainstream in 2021. What might have been reserved for only the rich and famous ten years ago is now readily available for anybody who wants to experiment with some temporary but effective anti-aging treatments. Botox is the perfect place to start for any newcomer who want to dip their toe into the industry! Though it is only a simple injection process, there are a few things to prepare for and consider when booking in an initial Botox experience. With this in mind, here is what to expect after the first treatment of Botox in Los Angeles

No Instant Difference

When you get Botox in Los Angeles, don’t be surprised if your skin looks the same in the mirror in the immediate aftermath of the treatment. This is totally normal because the solution that has been introduced to your problem facial areas takes some time to start working. On average, it can take between two and eight days for any real noticeable differences to be seen on the face.

It Won’t Be Painful

You have probably read a bunch of horror stories online in the lead up to your appointment, but these are always the very worst case scenarios. In reality, the discomfort that you feel from Botox is equal to the slight pinch that you might feel when having any other kind of shot like a vaccination. It is minor and very short-lived. The more experienced your surgeon is, the more pain free the experience is going to be.

Botox in Los Angeles

There Will Be Some Side Effects

Botox might be low on pain at the procedure stage, but at the same time, you should prepare yourself for some light side effects in the aftermath. The most common complaints people have for a few days after injection include some redness, swelling, or slight bruising, along with the possibility of a headache. These are all very manageable and can be eased with over the counter painkillers.

Don’t Work Out For A While

It isn’t recommended that you go out to exercise within the first five hours of having your Botox injections, and this is because some research and studies have revealed that strenuous activity in the immediate aftermath can actually pose the risk of causing your Botox to shift out of the position it was so painstakingly placed in by your surgeon. Give the Botox time to settle before you think about getting back into any kind of workout routine.

So, if you are ready to take the next step in your anti-aging and beauty preservation journey, then one of the best places for Botox in Los Angeles is the Venice Beach Surgical Center. Dr. Rojas is a master in his field and all patients can feel completely at ease with him taking control of their procedures. Botox isn’t anything to be nervous about in this day and age thanks to so much clinical advancement!