Liposuction in Los Angeles

What’s it Like to Get Liposuction in Los Angeles?

Liposuction in Los Angeles can be your ultimate answer to getting rid of these resistant fats hiding under your skin. No matter what exercise you do, they remain there. They just won’t melt. When you decide to undergo liposuction, you need to go to a renowned cosmetic surgeon. Never go to a cheap liposuction clinic. If you do that, you’ll suffer from extreme side effects. Liposuction requires not just certification but years of experience of the surgeon to make the procedure successful. 

Liposuction in Los Angeles

Venice Beach Surgical Center Liposuction in Los Angeles Before Surgery 

When you visit our medical office, our celebrated cosmetic surgeon will evaluate your situation. During the initial evaluation, your body will be measured. Body measurement will help Dr. Rojas, our cosmetic surgeon, to know whether or not you’re an ideal candidate for this procedure. Keep in mind that liposuction is only done on healthy individuals. You must also be a non-smoker before Dr. Rojas will allow you to undergo this procedure.

After the Surgery 

Although liposuction today is less painful than it was years ago, you may still experience inconvenience. Swelling is expected. Furthermore, your muscles in the treated area may harden for a couple of weeks causing discomfort. However, the distress is tolerable. There are stitches after surgery. But they are removed after a week. During the first week, you need to disinfect the area. A compression suit may be needed This will help tighten the skin in the surgical area. You may need to wear it for a month or so. But you can only wear it when you sleep. 

Post-Surgery Diet 

If you’re used to eating pizza every week and drink soda every day, then you can say goodbye to that life now after surgery. Before Dr. Rojas will recommend liposuction, he will want to know if you are committed to changing your lifestyle after the procedure. If not, he will discourage you to undergo liposuction. Remember that liposuction isn’t a permanent weight loss tool. You may lose weight after the procedure but the weight loss is the result of the fat deposit removal. You will regain those fats if you go back to your old habits. That’s why you need to be committed to changing your lifestyle. You must focus on eating healthy food and carry out regular exercise. Also, keep in mind that liposuction doesn’t remove all fat cells in your body. There will be remaining fats that can grow bigger if you don’t follow a strict diet and exercise. To ensure that the surgery results will last for many years, you need to help yourself, unless you want to go through liposuction again. After surgery, you may have to take some medications. You need to consume them as instructed. Furthermore, you must continue avoiding alcohol and smoking. You must also stay hydrated by drinking 2 liters of water every day. Eat fiber-rich food for a regular bowel movement. 

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