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What’s Life After Liposuction in Los Angeles?

Some people think that after liposuction in Los Angeles, they can go back to their old life and eat copious junk foods. They also imagine eating what they want and no longer worry about fatty deposits. But that’s not how liposuction works. To maximize the benefits of liposuction, you need to follow structured exercise and diet.

liposuction in Los Angeles,

Liposuction in Los Angeles not a Permanent Weight Loss Procedure 

It’s not a permanent weight loss tool. That’s why you must not consider it as an alternative to proper diet and exercise. Liposuction is only a way to shape some parts of your body by removing fatty deposits under the skin. Once removed, the fatty deposits won’t return, unless you continue your old, unhealthy lifestyle. For that reason, after liposuction, Dr. Rojas recommends a healthy eating protocol with regular exercise. 

Is Swelling Normal After Lipo? 

After the procedure, it’s normal to experience swelling and water retention. But they will subside in a few weeks. Although you must exercise regularly after liposuction, you must not carry out vigorous exercise while you’re still healing. You may have to wait a few weeks before you can start your training. 

Balanced Diet 

Now that the extra fats in your body are gone, you need to follow a strict diet. It means that you must now avoid junk foods. Instead, focus on eating complex carbs, fruits, vegetables, and proteins. You must also eat frequently but in small amounts. Avoid overeating. Since water retention is expected after the procedure, you need to follow a low salt diet during recovery. It will help in eliminating water retention faster. Although you can’t perform rigorous exercise during healing, you can do gentle walking to move the water retention or edema. It’s also vital in helping you maintain the best results of the lipo. 

When You Can Start Training? 

If you undergo the traditional liposuction, you will have to wait for at least 5 weeks before you can perform a rigorous exercise. However, with VASER, a form of liposuction, recovery time is shorter so you can carry out vigorous training after a couple of weeks. But it depends on what your doctor recommends. 

How to Keep Off the Fats for Good? 

Indeed, liposuction will remove those stubborn fats that won’t melt no matter what training you do. But those resistant fats will return if you don’t exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. A few months after the surgery, you will regain the fats, if you don’t exercise after surgery. You should not go back to your sedentary life. You must change your mindset and train harder. Focus on cardio and weight lifting at least three times a week. When you follow this advice, those stubborn fats won’t reappear. Plus, you’ll have less fat in your body. Furthermore, your insulin sensitivity will significantly improve. 

Liposuction in Los Angeles can help you start looking like you have always wanted to. However, if you wish to maintain its optimal results, you need to train harder and eat a healthy diet. Talk to our cosmetic surgeon today to know more about your options: (323)-310-3880.