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Why Liposuction Might Be Better For You Than the Alternatives

A common and increasingly popular cosmetic procedure, lipo in Los Angeles is sought by men and women who want to contour their body to get the shape they want. Before you decide that liposuction is your best choice, it’s a good idea to explore the alternatives, which can also help you get the look you want. Here at Venice Beach Surgical Center, we specialize in liposuction and want you to like what you see in the mirror. Here are some alternatives you might have tried and why liposuction might be a better choice for you.



One alternative to lipo in Los Angeles is the use of heat or cold to destroy fat cells. The goal with fat removal is to target the specific areas that you want to reduce. The risk with this type of procedure is that the extreme temperatures used can cause damage to the skin. At the same time, if the right temperature cannot be maintained, the results won’t be as significant. With liposuction, the treatment can be a lot more precise and remove unwanted fat in a safe way that won’t harm your skin and offer the results you’re hoping for.



LIke liposuction, lasers help turn fat cells into liquid. Unlike liposuction, these fat cells are then absorbed by the body, rather than being suctioned out. Because the procedure doesn’t actually remove the fat cells, the area can still be subject to weight gain and a return to the unwanted amount of fat settling there. Liposuction promises much more lasting results and is likely the better choice if you want a permanent body contouring solution without having to worry about repeating the procedure in the future.

lipo in Los Angeles


Sound Energy

This method uses high intensity ultrasound or non-thermal pulsed ultrasound to destroy fat cells. The procedure takes longer than liposuction and can be quite uncomfortable to endure. Additionally, this method uses heat so, like the temperature alternative discussed above, it can lead to skin damage and scarring. While this method is more precise than others, the discomfort level often makes it a less desirable solution to destroying fat cells for many (certainly not advisable for anyone with a low pain threshold.) Instead of enduring the pain of sound energy, most people will find that liposuction is a much safer and more comfortable choice.


Radio Frequency

Much like a microwave heats water or food, radio frequency uses radio frequency wavelengths to heat fat cells and destroy them. Similar to other methods, heat causes the fat cells to die so there’s the risk of skin damage, burns, and scars. At the same time, a consistent temperature must be maintained for the wavelengths to do their job, otherwise, the results won’t be as profound as you might be hoping for.

If you feel that lipo in Los Angeles is the right choice for you, you aren’t alone. It’s often the right option for most patients. If you want to know more, call Venice Beach Surgical Center today and we can help you get started.