PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Platelet–rich plasma abbreviation as of PRP is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. PRP contains (and releases through degranulation) several different growth factors and other cytokines that stimulate healing of bone and soft tissue.

This process works on the simple basis of utilizing your own natural platelets to instruct the body to create new collagen for tauter, smoother and better-toned skin. PRP Rejuvenation often incorporates fillers with PRP – which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma to basically enhance the shape of the face and restore volume.

It is a simple nonsurgical procedure which uses a concentrated serum processed from your own blood in conjunction with dermal filler to increase the effectiveness and longevity of those filler or also alone to call in the natural collagen building process.

A small vial of blood is taken from your arm – less than that normally taken for routine blood tests. The blood is then placed in a vial and spun in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells and plasma. The process concentrates the platelet count to about 4X normal. It is this platelet-rich plasma – often called “liquid gold” that is then activated and injected into the skin or applied topically in a surface regeneration action.