cosmetic surgeon in Venice Beach

Why a Cosmetic Surgeon in Venice Beach is Better Than Going Abroad

Maybe you’ve heard of the trend that takes people overseas to get cosmetic surgery, rather than seeking out the procedure close to home. While you can often find a lower price with this practice, it’s not always the best idea. Seeking a cosmetic surgeon in Venice Beach is usually safer and ensures a complete recovery….

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cosmetic surgery near me

Medical Tourism: Reasons to Have Cosmetic Surgery in Your Local Area

Because cosmetic surgery has become so mainstream, it’s become much more popular. What was once a bit taboo is being embraced by more people. With this demand, finding a place to have cosmetic surgery done isn’t too hard. In fact, the term medical tourism refers to the practice of seeking the best deal, often by…

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Cosmetic surgery in Venice Beach

What are the Most Popular Procedures for Cosmetic Surgery in Venice Beach?

Cosmetic surgery in Venice Beach is quite popular and there are a wide variety of procedures available to help you get the body you want. Here at Venice Beach Surgical Center, our top notch staff is here to assist you as you choose the ones that are best for your needs. If you’re not sure…

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breast augmentation is Los Angeles

How Long Will My Breast Augmentation Last?

There is no doubt that one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery in the world is breast augmentation. Whether it’s for reasons of size or for reasons of reconstruction, breast augmentation is something that thousands and thousands of people undergo every single year all over the world, and at the stage in the…

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lipo in Los Angeles

Life After Lipo In Los Angeles

If you are somebody who is planning on making changes to your body through cosmetic surgery, then it’s very likely that liposuction might be one of those considerations. Dropping weight naturally isn’t always an easy option for people, and if you can have a procedure that does some of that hard work for you, why…

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Dr. Augusto Rojas reviews

How Relevant are Dr. Augusto Rojas Reviews?

Reviews can be quite valuable when you’re looking for a service or product that you want or need. Finding out what others are saying about it can help you decide if it’s right for you or not. When you spend the money and time on cosmetic surgery, you want the exact results you’re looking for…

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Dr. Augusto Rojas

Introducing Dr. Augusto Rojas

Here at Venice Beach Surgical Center, we have the best staff on hand to help you get the body you want. That includes Dr. Augusto Rojas, the Medical and Surgical Director at the Center. He specializes in a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments, from liposuction to breast augmentation. No matter which part of your…

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Arm Liposuction in Los Angeles

Arm Liposuction in Los Angeles: What It’s Like to Get One?

Some people aren’t fortunate to have ripped arms. An arm that will let you show it off every time you go out. If you have been insecure about your arms, you might consider liposuction in Los Angeles to finally have toned-looking arms.  Is It Worth It to Undergo Arm Liposuction in Los Angeles?  Liposuction is…

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