Silicone Removal

Cosmetic Surgeon

In the perfectly understandable interest of seeking low-priced cosmetic procedures, some people seeking body shaping treatments end up recurring to questionable and ill-intentioned services. These make use of toxic substances instead of the industry standards, leaving behind apparent results that come with a series of serious medical consequences. If you yourself have fallen victim to these cosmetic scams, it is very important that you seek out silicone removal in order to prevent potential long-term damage to your body.

Why Is Silicone Removal Important?

Several people have been misled into trusting unlicensed or unskilled medical practitioners that promise aesthetic improvements and cosmetic solutions through unproven or risky procedures. This has led to people having to deal with the consequences of foreign materials injected into the body. Silicone, Hydrogel, Biopolymer, Biogel, Aqua gel, and PMMA are only a few of the body contouring materials that are not FDA-approved and yet are implemented by unregulated cosmetic “professionals”. These can be extremely harmful to the body, often leading to long-term consequences such as chronic infections, disfigurement, tissue death, and scarring. In order to prevent any of these issues from worsening or becoming permanent, it is important for those who gave into questionable cosmetic procedures to seek out silicone removal processes that tackle these matters.

Venice Beach Surgical Center

You deserve to look and feel the way you want without it presenting a risk to your body, which is why we at the Venice Beach Surgical Center provide you with an ideal treatment that tackles the consequences of ill-intentioned procedures. It is not only important for the way you look but also for your short and long term health that these issues need to be handled as soon as possible. If you are interested in learning more about our silicone removal process and what it ultimately entails, give us a call at (888) 598-0620.