Stacey G

"Before my surgery, I went on arojasmd.com and educated myself. I actually talked to the doctor before I officially decided to have the surgery, just to get a feel for the atmosphere, and I loved it. From the moment that I went, I loved every minute of it. The surgery changed every aspect of my life. Now that I've lost the weight, I have much more energy to do my daily activities and much more."

Robert D

"My moment of truth was when I hit 303 pounds. I knew right then I had to do something or I wasn't going to be around to see my girls grow up. Now I get to have fun. And my kids love it. The greatest feeling I ever had was when my kids could come up to me and put their arms completely around me for the first time. Getting the LAP-BAND System surgery was the greatest decision I ever made in my life."

Courtney H

"I was the fattest diet expert on the planet. I've been on every diet that you can imagine, and I could lose weight, but I would always gain the weight back. With the LAP-BAND System, I lost 180 pounds. The day I had the surgery is when my new life began. My old life is totally foreign to me now. It's been a lot better than I even imagined. I'm just so much happier than I used to be. I feel so much better"