High Definition Liposuction

8 Things to Know if You’re Considering High Definition Liposuction

In the modern landscape of liposuction and cosmetic surgery, there is no doubt that high-definition lipo is one of the most popular forms of treatment in Los Angeles and all over the rest of the world. Of course, the fact that there are a handful of different methods of lipo to choose from means that they all have their various pros and cons, so if you are currently in the process of deciding which method might be the best for your particular needs, here are 8 things that we think you should definitely know if you are considering high definition liposuction.

You Must Meet the Requirements

You need to be within 30% of your goal weight before being eligible for liposuction, as it is designed to be a shape improvement rather than a full-scale weight loss tool.

You Can Gain Back The Fat

It is essential to remember that just because you have had liposuction, it does not mean that you can’t gain fat back in those treated areas if you revert back to old habits and bad lifestyle choices.

It Won’t Be An Immediate Perfect Body

You shouldn’t expect your body to be completely transformed by lipo, instead consider it as a final contouring tool to help you at the end of a much longer and more hard-working journey.

It Can Take Months to Get Final Results

Due to the various swelling and other body reactions to the liposuction procedure, it might take up to a few months for the final results of your treatment to be shown in their full light. It takes a large degree of patience to let the final look of your new body emerge.

Choose The Right Surgeon

Do your research when it comes to picking a surgeon, don’t automatically go with the cheapest option because that may not be the best situation for you to be in.

Be Prepared For Post Op Discomfort

Don’t expect to be up and about and back to normal life right away. You need to give your body time to cope with the inevitable swelling that happens as a result of the procedure.

You Will Need To Wear Compression Garments

You won’t be able to show off your new body right away, because compression garments will need to be worn for weeks in order to aid the best healing.

High Definition Liposuction

You Need To Change Your Lifestyle

You will need to adopt new, improved lifestyle habits in order to maintain your new body and weight. Lipo does not give a person permission to start overeating because you will quickly find yourself back in your old situation.

If you think that high-definition liposuction might be the best method for what you are particularly looking for results-wise, then the next step is to book a consultation with a high-quality surgeon to get all of your questions answered. Dr. Rojas at the Venice Beach Surgical Center is the ideal candidate for this, with years of experience under his belt and a team of dedicated professionals working alongside him at the clinic. We look forward to welcoming you!