Lipo High Def in Los Angeles

CoolSculpting vs Lipo High Def in Los Angeles

If you have decided that you want to change your body shape with the help of cosmetic surgery, then the next big step involves actually selecting the type of treatment that you think will be best suited to your needs and preferences. Thanks to modern developments and advancements, it isn’t just a case of ‘one surgery fits all’ anymore, there are plenty of varied options that are all different in execution but help you to achieve your desired results. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the key differences between two popular choices, CoolSculpting and Lipo High Def in Los Angeles.

CoolSculpting Is Not An Invasive Treatment

The biggest difference between high def lipo and CoolSculpting is the fact that CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment that can render similar results. Rather than physical removal with a cannula, CoolSculpting instead uses technology to freeze the fat cells and make them die and fade away naturally on their own.

Lipo High Def in Los Angeles

CoolSculpting Results Take Longer To See

Whilst it is a non-invasive process, one of the potential downsides of CoolSculpting compared to high def lipo is the fact that the results are not immediate. It can take between 8 to 12 weeks for the final results of CoolSculpting to be seen by a patient, whereas the effects of high def lipo are pretty much instant once the initial swelling from the treatment has gone down. Clients are often met with the dilemma of whether they want to sacrifice immediate results for something less invasive, or vice versa.

Is One Better Than The Other?

Not necessarily, they just employ different methods to achieve the same thing and have different rates of results. It comes down to whether or not each technique suits the needs and preferences of the patient. If you want immediate results and don’t mind going ‘under the knife so to speak, then high def lipo might be more to your liking. If you prefer something non-invasive and don’t mind being patient in terms of final results, however, then CoolSculpting might be the better treatment for you.

A Person’s Weight Can Play A Part In Choosing

CoolSculpting has been noted as being a better option for people who are not too far away from their ideal body weight, as the gentler process is often more effective for those who are only looking to shift a little bit of fat. High def lipo, however, is often seen as the more robust and effective option when somebody is looking to lose a lot of extra weight in the quickest time possible.

If you think that either CoolSculpting or Lipo High Def in Los Angeles might be the perfect treatment for you, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Rojas and his expert team at the Venice Beach Surgical Center. The team is ready and waiting to answer any questions that you might have and to make you as comfortable as you can possibly be with the journey that lays ahead. We look forward to meeting you!