Cosmetic Surgeon in Los Angeles Offers Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift is increasingly popular today. Dr. Augusto Rojas, a well-known cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles, performs this procedure regularly. Many Hollywood celebrities would choose it because it utilizes their own fat to get a rounder derriere. It means that implants aren’t needed. But do the results of this cosmetic procedure last longer? Are they permanent? 


Cosmetic Surgeon in Los Angeles on How to Prepare for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Just like any other cosmetic surgery, the results of a Brazilian butt lift can be permanent. But there are ways to ensure that you get the results that you want before and after the surgery. Before surgery, Dr. Augusto Rojas will recommend you stop using any tobacco products for a few weeks. Nicotine, per se, is a known ingredient that can interfere with your body’s ability to heal. 

In other words, if you smoke before surgery, it’ll be difficult for your body to heal. Plus, it will be difficult for the fat to establish in the new area. Apart from smoking, you should also follow a healthy diet a few weeks before your butt lift. But not just before surgery, rather, you must make it a habit to eat only the right food and avoid processed ones. 

When you follow a balanced diet, it’ll be easier for your body to recover from this procedure. It’s also advisable that you prepare your pantry, wardrobe, and home after the butt lift. Stock up on healthy ingredients so you won’t order takeout after getting this procedure. 

Cosmetic Surgeon in Los Angeles

While you recuperate, you may need things to keep you entertained. Thus, it’s the best time for you to finish the books you’ve been wanting to complete before butt lift. After surgery, your life may be different from normal while you recuperate. One thing you may not like is that during the recovery period, you can’t sit properly. 

You can choose to lie down on your stomach. Another option is to lie on your side while you relax or sleep. You may also use a special cushion designed for individuals who are recovering from this procedure. While recuperating, you will need to wear a compression garment. It will help the areas retain shape. The garment is also beneficial to make you heal faster. You may have to wear it for a few weeks after the procedure. But it depends on Dr. Augusto’s advice. 


What Makes Brazilian Butt Lift Different? 

One main difference is that the results are natural-looking. Plus, it offers slimming benefits making it a popular procedure among Hollywood celebrities. It’s not like a traditional butt lift that uses incisions or implants. This procedure uses purified injections of your own fatty tissue to increase the volume of your butt. This procedure also minimizes scarring. Plus, it reduces the risk of complications associated with traditional methods of lifting your derriere. 

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