Mothers Day

Mother’s Day Offer at Cosmetic Surgeon in Venice Beach

As Mothers Day approaches, mothers and their progeny alike are looking to splurge on a present. Sons and daughters will be looking to find presents for their mothers while mothers will opt for treating themselves to a present of their own. And, of course, it’s easy to fall into the tired cliches consisting of flower arrangements, Hallmark greeting cards, colorful pastries, or even spa days and massages.

Mothers work hard and they deserve more than that. More than anything, they deserve to feel good about who they are and to ideally see themselves as others see them. And because we at the Venice Beach Surgical Center believe so, we are offering a special Mother’s Day discount for the special women in our lives to treat themselves.

Mothers Day

Liposuction at an Affordable Price

So what exactly does our Mother’s Day promotion entail? Well, for only $4,900 you can give a present of a high definition abdomen and flank liposuction. The procedure, a more advanced process than regular liposuction (and with much better results), is the latest marvel of cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles. It consists of removing unwanted fat from specific parts of the body in order to achieve a slimmer look.

The process utilizes ultrasound technology that turns the excess fat more liquid in order to make its removal easier. This way, nerves and blood vessels are not affected and only fat is removed. The results are immediately visible, and they only get better as the body recovers, the swelling subsides, and the bruising disappears. By the end of the recovery period, muscle definition and toning will have improved significantly, and you will have the same results a consistent exercise routine would have had.

And what happens to the unwanted fat? Well, as part of the special Mother’s Day offer the procedure includes replacing the fat in the buttocks. So not only are the abdomen and flanks slimmed down, but areas you’d rather want augmented receive the excess fat.

Give the Gift of Confidence

Cards are stored, flowers wither, and edible arrangements get eaten. Few presents are as enduring and transformative as our Mother’s Day liposuction special. And if no one gives it to you, it’s also a great present to give yourself! In the end, cosmetic surgery enhances your beauty, granting you poise and confidence to exhibit your absolute best self. Be sure to look into our special Mother’s Day $4900 liposuction, only available until May 15th, 2019. Your new body will not regret it. Book your appointment online now or call (888) 598-0620.