Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles

The Dos and Don’ts After Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles

There is no doubt that breast augmentation is one of the most common and popularly undertaken types of cosmetic surgery across not only Los Angeles and the United States but the entire world. Whether for medical or aesthetic reasons, thousands of women choose to have breast augmentation every single year, and thanks to fast and frequent medical advancements in the field, it is now safer and more stress-free to have breast augmentation than it has ever been before. Of course, this safety and stress-free nature can be massively helped by your own behavior after the procedure. With this in mind, here are some key dos and don’ts after breast augmentation in Los Angeles.

Can You Have Sex After Surgery?

Don’t – Take your compression bra off earlier than the surgeon has recommended. Getting naked with a partner is always fun, but not at the expense of your recovery!

DO – By all means, you are free to be intimate with a partner whenever you feel ready, but make sure that you are careful not to disturb your breasts too much. Keep your compression bra on and be more gentle. In general, the 6-week mark is a good indicator of a little more movement in the upper body.

Can You Go On Holiday?

DON’T – You can go on holiday whenever you feel physically comfortable enough to do that much movement away from home, but something that you must not do is go swimming for the first 6 to 8 weeks of your recovery. You do not want to get any healing wounds wet that might run the risk of getting infected.

DO – Make sure that your breasts are protected from the sun at a vacation destination. Cover up, and also wear plenty of SPF on and around the areas in question.

Can You Use A Sunbed?

DON’T – You have to be very cautious when using a sunbed after breast surgery. As a rule, do not go topless if you really feel the need to top up on your upper body tan in the first few months.

DO – Make sure that you protect your entire breast. Use SPF cream as well as layering up. Wear plasters over any areas that might be scarred and choose a thick material to cover your breasts.

Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles

Can You Drink Alcohol?

Don’t – This is a rule that there isn’t a ‘DO’ option for, we’re afraid! You need to avoid consuming alcohol in the first few weeks after surgery, as well as the first few weeks beforehand. This is to help you benefit from your antibiotics and painkillers as much as possible. If you are interested in the prospect of breast augmentation in Los Angeles for yourself, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Venice Beach Surgical Center. Dr. Rojas and his team of expert professionals are ready and waiting to welcome you to the clinic for your procedure and to answer any questions that you might have in the run-up to the big day. We look forward to meeting you!