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Why a Cosmetic Surgeon in Venice Beach is Better Than Going Abroad

Maybe you’ve heard of the trend that takes people overseas to get cosmetic surgery, rather than seeking out the procedure close to home. While you can often find a lower price with this practice, it’s not always the best idea. Seeking a cosmetic surgeon in Venice Beach is usually safer and ensures a complete recovery. Here at Venice Beach Surgical Center, we want to help you get the body you want. Here’s why choosing us is better than going abroad.

You Won’t Have to Worry About Safe Travel

While your travels to your destination aren’t fraught with risk, the return trip could be. Flying soon after having a surgical procedure increases the risk of infection and blood clots. You should be resting and working on recovery but getting on an airplane and flying home can delay the process and even create life threatening complications.

There’s a Lower Risk of Complications

Speaking of complications, there are some risks that go along with having cosmetic surgery. When you choose a cosmetic surgeon in Venice Beach, you are close to the medical clinic, just in case you have side effects. At the same time, being close to home allows for a proper follow up schedule. You aren’t done once the procedure is finished. Your surgeon will want to check up on your progress and ensure that healing is occurring the way it’s supposed to. When you return home too soon, your surgeon is too far away for this to be feasible.

Your Doctors May Not Communicate Well

While you can find some premier medical care in other countries, your doctor abroad may not have the same access to your medical records that your doctor at home might. This can be dangerous if you have certain health problems or are taking certain medications. Likewise, when you return home, a doctor close by might not be aware of everything that was involved in your overseas procedure. Without this vital communication, you run the risk of complications and side effects that no one expects or is prepared for. In some cases, this can be deadly so it’s always a good idea to stay close to home when you have any kind of major surgery, cosmetic or otherwise.

You Won’t Have Any Legal Backing

Because you’re a guest in another country, you may not have any legal rights if something goes wrong. In the United States, malpractice rules are pretty strict and offer a level of protection you might not get elsewhere. If you have complications or something else happens, you may not have any legal standing for compensation. That means that any additional medical bills will be your responsibility, as insurance usually doesn’t step in to help with elective surgery. On the other hand, if you’re at home, you can access legal help if you need it.

When you need a cosmetic surgeon in Venice Beach, you need the Venice Beach Surgical Center. Call us today to set up your consultation and get started on getting the body you’ve always wanted.