Vaser in Los Angeles

Does Vaser in Los Angeles Tighten the Skin?

Vaser in Los Angeles is a cutting-edge technique that sculpts your body. You’ll feel your best after the procedure. But does it tighten the skin, though? It’s one of the most commonly asked questions about VASER and we’re going to answer it in this post. But first, you must know how Vaser works. 

Vaser in Los Angeles – How it Works? 

Liposuction has improved over the years. It has evolved into various types. And one of them is VASER. VASER uses a special form of ultrasound technology. In this procedure, the device emits frequency waves to break down resistant pockets of fat. After breaking them down, they are removed quickly. The technique used shortens recovery time because breaking down fats is quicker with VASER. 

Does VASER Tighten the Skin? 

You’ll be surprised to know that VASER can tighten loose skin. However, it will hinge on how loose your skin is. In some cases, you may need to undergo another procedure that aims to tighten your skin. During your initial consultation with Dr. Rojas, he will talk about the things you can look forward to in this procedure. He will also explain whether you need an additional procedure to tighten loose skin or VASER is already enough. The most common approach in tackling loose skin after body contouring is to trim it surgically. But it has to be completed during a liposuction procedure. Trimming it will permanently restructure the treated area. 

Are There Side Effects to Expect from VASER? 

VASER is a safe procedure. However, just like any medical procedure, it comes with potential side effects. Dr. Rojas will talk about them during your consultation with him. He will answer all your questions and worries you have in mind. During the initial consultation, he will address all your concerns about VASER. This first meeting with him is all about educating you not just about the benefits, but also the risks associated with this body enhancement procedure. This medical procedure is an excellent treatment and it’s better than traditional liposuction. It’s quicker, therefore, it involves less downtime. 

Do You Have to Prepare for this Procedure? 

It’s a minimally invasive procedure. But to make it successful, you must follow the strict instructions of Dr. Rojas. You also need to quit smoking before you can undergo this procedure. If you don’t reveal to Dr. Rojas that you’re a smoker, the outcome of VASER will be significantly affected. Worse, you may suffer from dangerous side effects. That’s why during the initial talk with Dr. Rojas, you need to be honest when he’d ask you questions. Don’t be shy about them. Remember that your overall health condition will have an impact on the result of VASER. 

After VASER 

Once VASER is done, you can go on with your life. However, you need to change your lifestyle. If you were a couch potato before, you may need to be more active post-surgery to maintain the benefits of VASER. 

If you have further questions about VASER in Los Angeles, we’ll clarify them for you. Just give us a call at (323)-310-3880.