Our Liposuction Vaser in Los Angeles

Our Liposuction Vaser in Los Angeles

Most people are now familiar with the idea of liposuction. As a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes unwanted fat from a person’s body, giving their body a more traditionally attractive contour, liposuction is well known within general culture. What people may not be aware of is that liposuction is continually improving. Here at the Venice Beach Surgical Center, we’re committed to using the best technology and methods on our patients. In this blog, we’ll explain our liposuction Vaser in Los Angeles, how it works, and what you can expect.

Liposuction Vaser in Los Angeles

Perhaps the hottest new trend in liposuction is Vaser technology. While the word may sound a bit like “laser,” that’s not exactly what it is. However, it’s just as space age and advanced as we always imagined laser tech would be. Vaser is actually an acronym. It stands for “Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance.” (“Vaser” rolls off the tongue quite a bit easier.) It’s a significant improvement on liposuction methods from the past, which enables us to give our patients even better results than ever before.

Better Targeted Liposuction

If you ever had liposuction in the past or even looked into it, you may have noticed that while it could do a decent job of targeting unwanted fat on your body, it wasn’t necessarily all that precise. Sure, it could get rid of most of the fat that you wanted, but maybe it couldn’t reach some specific areas. That’s one of the biggest leaps forward that Vaser tech takes: it makes it possible to better target unwanted fat on the body. Instead of simply having to choose from a general area, Vaser makes it possible to specifically focus on the unwanted fat exactly where it is. Then, Vaser can remove that fat from your body.

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How Vaser Works

Vaser actually uses an ultrasound technique. Through the utilization of ultrasound, it takes the unwanted fat and makes it more liquid. By softening the fat you want to get rid of, that makes it all that much easier for Dr. Rojas or one of our specialists to remove the fat. Better still, it makes it easier to remove that fat without affecting blood vessels, nerves, or other sensitive areas of the body. Not only does that provide you with better results, it significantly reduces (if not eliminates) post-op inflammation. You can have the body you want, and with Vaser tech, you can have it sooner, too.

The Choice for Vaser

We’ve been using Vaser technology on our patients practically since it became available. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to offer our patients the best in liposuction and other cosmetic surgery procedures. If you’re interested in improving your body and feeling more confidence, schedule a free consultation with us through our site or by calling us at (888) 598-0620. Dr. Rojas or one of our specialists will sit down with you and figure out the best way to go about giving you the body you want.