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Reshape Your Face with Fillers in Los Angeles

The face is extremely hard-working, and is often one of the first areas to show obvious signs of ageing such as lines and skin folds. This is caused by the underlying skin losing its natural elasticity, and starting to sag. The natural plumpness of the face starts to diminish, and you look noticeably older. In order to overcome these obvious signs, and to make your skin look plumper, it is common for surgeons to use cosmetic fillers in Los Angeles to pump up their patient’s skin. We can help you by using the latest fillers technology to boost your chances of looking younger for longer.

Replacing Collagen

The material which keeps the skin elastic in youth, collagen, starts to deplete as you age. It is this reduction in collagen which is responsible for making you look older, and may also cause you to age prematurely in some cases. In order to compensate for this loss of collagen, it is standard practice to apply filler to the affected area. We use a particular type of filler that is designed to diminish the signs of ageing by adding increased volume under the skin. While this is common for most fillers, what makes ours different is that it stimulates the natural growth of your own collagen, encouraging the body to fill out the face itself.

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Look Younger for Longer

In most cases, fillers only work for as long as it takes the body to destroy the intruder. This means that affects may be variable, and the results are not long-lasting. In fact, you may need to return to the surgeon several times in the course of a year in order to have your face re-plumped. However, our filler actually create more collagen, forming a scaffold beneath which the body is encouraged to use its own tools to heal. The collagen can last for longer than the filler itself, and may allow you to get more value for money from each collagen treatment.

Try Our Fillers in Los Angeles for Better Results

If you have been previously disappointed by the anti-ageing fillers that you have used, then come to Venice Beach Surgical Center, and try out our special Radiesse volatizing Fillers in Los Angeles. You can get a better, plumper face using our treatments, so contact us today on (310) 391-7143 and arrange a consultation with our surgical team.