Mommy Makeover in Los Angeles

The Risks to Consider When Undergoing a Mommy Makeover in Los Angeles

With the upsides of a mommy makeover in Los Angeles comes the corresponding risks. These are risks that shouldn’t be swept under the rug, especially if you’re thinking about going through one. 

Now, this isn’t to say that a mommy makeover isn’t safe. With the right surgeon and a trusted facility, there’s a better chance for you to get the results you desire. 

However, these risks are worth considering. So do yourself a favor and read through this article. 

Blood Clots

Blood clots are by far the most dangerous possible consequences of mommy makeovers. They’re most likely to develop in the legs because the procedure involves some muscle tightening. It tends to restrict blood flow, which then results in blood clots. 

Post-Surgery Infections

Infections are another risk you are running if you elect to undergo a mommy makeover. Since you’re dealing with open wounds and incisions, there is a higher likelihood for infections to develop. 

Improper Healing

Each body type is different from one another, which means each one may also react differently to the procedure. Some may not heal properly and experience uneven contours, as well as noticeable scarring. 

How to Minimize the Risks of Mommy Makeovers

The best way to mitigate the risks of mommy makeovers is to follow your doctor’s advice. They will likely recommend you to keep yourself active during the recovery period to avoid blood clots, for one. 

And before the procedure, be honest about your pre-surgery steps. Be completely honest about filling out your paperwork and disclose all necessary information the doctor needs to know beforehand. 

These risks are definitely avoidable, and all you’ll need to do is to play your cards right. 

Mommy Makeover in Los Angeles

What’s the Best Place to Get a Mommy Makeover In Los Angeles?

Out of the many clinics that offer mommy makeovers, Venice Beach Surgical Center is where many people go to, and for good reason: Dr. Augusto Rojas. The renowned cosmetic surgeon has been in business for decades and has climbed the ranks to be one of the most sought-after doctors in the United States. 

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