Vaser in Los Angeles: How to Ensure the Procedure is Safe?

The only way to make sure that Vaser in Los Angeles is safe is when it’s performed by a board-certified, experienced cosmetic surgeon, like Dr. Augusto Rojas. However, it still carries some risk, just like any kind of surgery. Then again, the risks are minimal. Vaser procedures have become reliable. Thanks to the technology being used. 

Furthermore, VASER is a commonly performed procedure, which has been used for many years now. It’s proven to be safe. It also causes minimal side effects. Compared to traditional liposuction, VASER causes less blood loss. 

What to Expect When Undergoing Vaser in Los Angeles

One of the many things you may worry about when you think of Vaser is that it’s painful. Don’t worry though because this procedure is minimally invasive. But it’s not painless. There’s a bit of pressure that you feel at first. You may also feel discomfort after the procedure. Then, there’s muscle soreness that you have to deal with after 24 to 48 hours. 

You may also experience swelling and bruising. But they are less than when you choose an alternative fat removal process. When it comes to the pain related to this procedure, it depends on your overall health. But, since you choose to undergo this procedure under the hands of Dr. Augusto Rojas, you’ll feel less pain. 

On the day of the procedure, Dr. Augusto will mark the areas of your body that require treatment. An anesthesiologist will talk to you about the sedation that you need. A local anesthetic is used if the area being treated is small. However, if you have excess fats in larger areas of your body, then a general anesthetic may be considered. In other words, it all depends on the areas that will be treated. 

vaser in Los Angeles

The procedure also involves injecting a saline solution in the area to be treated. This will help numb the area. It also helps in breaking down fat cells while reducing bleeding. After the solution has been injected, a small probe is inserted through the incision made. This probe will break down fat cells and liquefy them. The liquified fats are sucked out using a small needle. 

The overall procedure can take one to several hours. It hinges on the areas to be treated. The bigger the areas are, the more time it takes to completely break down the fat cells. The recovery period is short. It’s a minimally invasive procedure so there’s no need for you to stay in the hospital. After you go home, you can go back to your normal activities after three days. 

Dr. Augusto Rojas will give you instructions on how to shorten your recovery time. He will also give you an idea of the things you can expect after the procedure. Regarding the results, you may see immediate results after the procedure. However, the result will be hidden because of the swelling. Once the swelling has subsided, your skin will appear fully tightened over the treated area. 

If you have further questions about Vaser in Los Angeles, you should talk to our experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Augusto Rojas. Schedule a consultation at (310)-391-7143