Fat Transfer

Am I Too Skinny for a Fat Transfer?

If you haven’t noticed that one of the leading trends in body beauty has been a big, round, plump rear, then where have you been for the last few years!? Thanks to the likes of Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians, the modern beauty standard for the female shape has very much been a huge emphasis on getting a nice derriere, and if you aren’t blessed with that kind of shape naturally, then the next best thing is to opt for cosmetic surgery help! Many women have achieved their dream bodies thanks to the process of fat transfer, but is this something that you can automatically get if you want it? Let’s take a look at some info that answers the question of whether or not somebody can be too skinny for a fat transfer treatment.


  • The general rule to follow for a successful and safe fat transfer procedure is that the cosmetic surgeon will need to take at least 1000cc of fat (500 for each buttock), and what this means is that a person will need to have a BMI of at least 22 in order to be able to do this.


  • If a prospective patient has a BMI that is lower than 22, they will be asked to put on some weight in order for there to be enough fat to extract in order to complete the procedure. Some people bring up the possibility of receiving a fat transfer from a donor instead, but the science behind this kind of transplant has not yet reached a viable stage.


  • So, what this means essentially, is that if you have a BMI of 22 or higher, you will most likely be considered a good candidate for fat transfer, but if your body weight falls underneath that category, then you may indeed be deemed ‘too skinny’ for the appropriate fat to be taken and redistributed in your body.

Fat Transfer

Are There Alternatives?

If you have a BMI of below 22 and don’t want to undergo the process of gaining extra weight in order to meet the requirement for fat transfer, then one alternative that many lighters, thinner women will opt for is buttock implants. These are similar to breast implants in the sense that they are inserted into the buttocks to give the appearance of fuller, larger, more voluptuous curves. Implants can be given to patients without any query or worry about the BMI of the person in question, which makes them a good alternative for those who do not qualify for fat transfer.

If you think that you would be an ideal candidate for fat transfer and want to start exploring your options, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at the Venice Beach Surgical Center. Dr. Rojas is the star of the show, and he has years and years of experience in this particular field. Believe us when we say that you could not find yourself in better hands. We very much look forward to meeting you!