Mommy Makeover

Do’s and Don’ts Before a Mommy Makeover

   For a large number of women, the first few months after giving birth are an endless rollercoaster of emotions. Having a baby takes a serious toll on a woman’s body.

   A post-pregnancy body can lead to psychological issues that can be difficult to deal with. Even if you were in perfect shape before giving birth, a postpartum belly is pretty inevitable for everyone. The most convenient solution is a mommy makeover.

A mommy makeover

   A mommy makeover is an aggregation of various plastic surgery procedures. That includes getting a tummy tuck, butt lift, loose skin reduction through liposuction and possibly even a breast lift.

   For anyone about to undergo such a procedure, there are several things you should probably be doing beforehand that you may don’t know about.

   Since the procedures can often be complex, it’s more important than anything that you get a certified plastic surgeon. Getting Cosmetic Surgery in Los Angeles can be the right solution, provided you find the right plastic surgeon.

   A mommy makeover in Venice Beach or breast augmentation in Venice Beach can be both affordable and accessible. All the same, even if you know which cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles you want, it never hurts to do a bit of research on them.

Mommy Makeover

The Do’s

   Have someone at hand that can drive you home the day after you’re done with the procedure. You won’t be able to drive yourself around since you’ll have general anesthesia administered to you during a mommy makeover LA.

   Make plans for how you’re going to be sleeping for a few weeks after your surgery. You won’t be able to lie on your belly like you’re used to. This doesn’t require anything complex though – a recliner or extra pillows on your sides should do.

   Stay away from anyone or anything that might get you sick. Even something as seemingly harmless as the flu can cause complications during your procedure. Make sure you inform your doctor if anything changes.

   Arrange for both pet and child care if you will need them. During your mommy makeover recovery, you will need all the help you can get. The first week after surgery is supposed to be dedicated to getting as much sleep as possible. You won’t be able to do things like lift a small child or walk a dog.

The Don’ts

   Mommy makeover Los Angeles doctors are infamous for not dealing with patients who present even the slightest chance of sabotaging the procedure themselves. Things to avoid include drinking and smoking for as much as a month before the procedure. They can severely hamper the recovery process.

   Don’t be undecided. For the results a mommy makeover LA to last, you should strongly consider whether or not you’re going to want more kids in the future.

   Make sure you are at a stable weight – avoid lots of sugar and fats in the days leading to your surgery.

   Lastly, after the cosmetic surgery LA, do not skimp on recovery procedures. A lot of people try to cut their recovery time short, so they can get back to their day-to-day lives. In a word: don’t. You might injure yourself.